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Everything falls #NaturallyInRhythm when you #VisitUSVI. Experience the culture, history and nature of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas.
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Inspiring the world to go Camping With Dogs and Hiking With Dogs
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Last summer I met a gal in the islands that just bought a white gsd pup from Nina. I got to know her as a friend, but as time has gone by I cant help but see all the magic shes filled with. Adren is as unique as her name, shes so talented and able. She lives a simple life and fills it with wonder...
A solo run up to the ruins for sunset proved to be a good decision. Its my last full week down here, we are going to make it count! #usvi #nationalpark
Evening walks past the flamingo filled ponds. #wildlife #flamingo #birdphotography #visitusvi
Scenes from my bed. Waking up here sure is special. Cains always glued to me in bed while sage enjoys being out on the porch. The sun sure is rising early down here now. The wind has been really calm lately, signs summer is here on the island. This morning the bay looked like a calm lake. which m...
The Kestrels in the yard just had chicks. Its really cool watching them scoop up lizards and smaller prey for their hatchlings. #kestrel #birds #birdphotography #usvi #visitusvi #wildlife
Sunny side up. #usvi #gsd
Cactus Queen.
While the masses dressed themselves in green and headed for the bars , our crew knew that would mean we would have the beaches to ourselves. Not to knock it too much, I was once immersed in all of that, but those busy bars and drunk people seem to chip away at my soul anymore. These waves, a crac...
Exploring with the friends of the USVI NP. The gals checked on turtle nests on a remote island and I got to learn from them along the way. Its wonderful to be around folks who care for this place so deeply. #usvi @visitusvi
Virgin Island basecamp is coming along! Ive enjoyed the hard work down here and living without all the comforts, its so rewarding seeing it all come together bit by bit. I hope to have a working kitchen and power by the end of the month. Certain things take a bit more time down here. The dogs are...
Homie hikes in paradise.
Seems I escaped the States just in time ;P Merry Christmas friends! #kokopelli #usvi #xmasintheislands