Steffen Eisenacher

Weather and Landscape Photographer
Currently MSc Climate and Environmental Sciences
Creative Director of cpcollectives
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Head of @instagram, exploring California and other places.
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Hey guys, Sorry about being so inactive. But as previously stated Instagram kind of sucks for photo guys like me these days. Oh and I lost 70k followers this morning Anyway Ive been focusing more on @cpcollectives, where we are also struggling with Instagrams algorithm. Coming from like 50-60k li...
Hey guys, Merry belated Christmas to all of you Been a little bit inactive lately, which is mainly because Ive been focusing on other things away from photography as long as travel is still difficult. But since around about 400 of you decided to part ways with my account during the last month, I ...
Autumn colours are slowly fading. This was an image captured in September in Slovenia. Absolutely gorgeous, soft light making its way through the mountain ranges. #visitslovenia #thisisslovenia #autumn #sunsetlovers #slovenia
Autumn is approaching quickly. What is your favourite season? This image was captured at the famous Gollinger Waterfalls in Austria. #austria #visitaustria #gollingerwasserfall #waterfallsofinstagram #waterfallphotography
Yesterday was quite a day to remember. Models were hinting some nice storms during the evening hours and as soon as they formed I brought myself into position. I saw the birth of a small cell which quickly started to organise in a well sheared environment. What then happened was beyond my imagina...
Reflections at the beautiful Hintersee, Germany. Definitely gotta head into the alps some time soon! #hintersee #hinterseezauberwald #reflectionphotography #reflectiongram #germany
Hey guys,took a little break from posting. Firstly thats because I literally havent been able to take any groundbreaking new content and secondly because I wasnt happy with where this app is headed. During the last few months Instagram has slowly started to loose its identity in hopes to compete ...
An amazing lunar eclipse was just visible across the western United States, India, South East Asia and Australia. Did you see it? In the carousel you can see my take on the last two total lunar eclipses that were visible in Germany. Both these are focal length blends, with the moon being shot at ...
I am so ready for storm season. I really hope this year is going to be good!! #storms #thunderstorm #lightning #stormchasing #severeweather
Late in the summer, when the Baltic Sea has reached its maximum sea surface temperature and the conditions are just right, you can get massive thunderstorms over the water! This evening felt like a crazy show youd usually expect in the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea in autumn. Definitely a night t...
A short 5 minute burst of Aurora is all we got that night, but I must say it was absolutely spectacular. 30 seconds after this shot we got a full corona and 2 minutes later everything was gone. #iceland #reflectionphotography #reflectiongram #northernlights #inspiredbyiceland #mystopover
A very nicely structured waterspout captured at the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. I was hesitant posting this particular image because the tornado didnt look right placed in the center, but also not along the rule of thirds. There was just too much dead space and it felt unbalanced. In the end I decid...