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@nununuworld in downtown LA #albinism #nununuworld #nununu
Day one. Trying to teach our kids about the culture of Indigenous people by taking them to reservations, visiting their museums, eating their food, and buying their art. Day one was spent driving from Flagstaff to Cameron where we visited a Trading Post, an art gallery and watched a local woman w...
Trying to have a reel conversation about heaven with great grandma, but being more interested in the wrinkles in her hand. #96yearsstrong #albinism
Under the 6th street bridge in @nununuworld
The @rukusfx has become Rockwells new favorite toy! He goes everywhere with it and never wants to put it down. Definitely a fave if youre looking for a unique Christmas present for your kiddos! Tap the link in my bio to get in on the sale right now before it sells out.
Rockwell drew these throughout the month of October. We would have one up on our fridge every couple days then I would swap them out to put up his new ones. I had to hide all of them from him when I would take them down otherwise hed run around the house with it, or rip it up. Hes a wild child, t...
Witchs Feast 2023 We dined, we drank, we danced Amazing spread by The best tunes by @extrachuy So many friends and so many great costumes. Love you all! Burying myself underground until next year.
Rockwell wanted to make a scary video with his 96 year old great grandma. She delivered. #albinism
Ever since we moved in to our home, Ive wanted to hang bats from our chandelier. Thanks to my super tall and sexy husband, this year we finally did it. All bats (and spiders) were hung with fishing wire and stuck to the walls and ceiling using @thegorillagluecompany removable mounting putty. ITS ...
My first time using the floating Harry Potter Candles. What would I do without @ohdangbrit !? These added that little touch of magic I needed for our Witchs Feast.
Kids Halloween Party 2023 Time to BOO-gie! So many fun costumes and adorable kids! I love Halloween! Thanks to Dj Hammerpaw, @homescoolband @dan.epand @jonbuttonbass @cameronjordan_photography & @ohdangbrit for pulling this off! Couldnt have done this without you! Happy Halloween!
If anyone asks where our kids are on the night of our Witchs Feast dont worry, theyre fine. #witchsfeast #witchsfeast2023