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Today, were pumped to celebrate our teammate, Lizzie! Have you met this birthday girl yet? (If not, learn a little more about her below!)Lizzie is a licensed SHiNE Instructor teaching in Missoula, MT. She's one of our SHINE mentors for online trainings and goes above and beyond to make sure trai...
Today is #RUOKDay, a day dedicated to checking in on our loved ones and spreading positivity. So, take a moment before, during, or after your dance sesh to reach out to someone, ask how they're really feeling, and show them that you care. Together, we can create a world where nobody feels alone....
NEW BLOG POST! Hey, grown-upswere here to remind you of the vital importance of PLAY for adults! In our fast-paced lives, we forget playtime isn't just for kidsit's a crucial ingredient for a joyful and fulfilling life at any age. Dance like nobody's watching: Shake off stress, boost your mood, ...
Its FEATURE FRIDAY!!Today we are featuring Amber Byron from Manchester, NH! Amber has been certified since May 2020.Ambergrew up dancing, singing, and doing theater in northern Maine, but moved to NH for college and has been there ever since. When she is not working (HS guidance counselor) or tea...
August #ShineSign ChallengeFor the month of August, the SHiNE community has been sharing literal or figurative signs to SHiNE more! These are just a few of the ones collectedThis is your sign to SHiNE#ShineSign #communitychallenge #shine #timetoshine #onlinecommunity #communityconnection #shineda...
FLASH SALE!!Its not too late to sign up for our LIVE Training Session in Minneapolis on Sept 16th! We have extended our discount and we are offering $100 OFF! Sign up ASAP to take advantage of this discount Cant attend the LIVE training session? We got you! We are also offering $100 OFF our tr...
FEATURE FRIDAY This week we are jumping the pond and featuring Instructor ine from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland ine has been certified since August 2022! She was actually hooked on SHiNE's format after dancing to the routine Motivation by Normani! She is a very enthusiastic and energetic In...
Drop a if you SHiNE Online!BEAST MODE ACTIVATED There are so many different styles of music and routines at SHiNE! There will always be a style YOU enjoy! This showcases some of our higher intensity routines within a playlist! At SHiNE you work hard but you have fun doing it check out the prog...
Do you SHiNE online? If so, we have a SHiNE Online Facebook Group - and we want you to JOIN Its a great way to connect with online members across the globe!We love our girl, Kara! We are so happy to have her as an invaluable member of Team SHiNE! Her choreography is FIRE and her passion for teac...
Drop a if you just cant stop thinking about SHiNE Dance Fitness - bonus points if you share why! @shine_with_meredith #fitness #dancefitnessfun #dancefitness #dancefitnessinstructor #groupfitnessinstructor
M O T I V A T I O N M O N D A YFeaturing @kat.vogel The left photo was the summer of 2019 (the year before I started SHiNE), the right was taken in January 2023. Ive never been one to track my weight but theres clearly a change that occurred since I started on my journey with SHiNE!! I would not...
SONG OF THE WEEKJust a little bit of sunshine Get up and dance with us this week! Sunshine by @onerepublic is the Song of the Week! This feel good routine will instantly boost your mood while getting your heart rate up! Tag @shinedancefitness if you join in on the Song of the Week! We love to fe...