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In the craziness that has been the last couple of weeks, somehow this important conversation slipped through the net I was lucky enough recently to have a beautiful chat with the gorgeous @rubyrare.. and it needed its spot on my grid and some sunlight @rubyrare Thankyou for joining me on @thesec...
Simply jadore merging sex ed + queer history What an honour to chat to @prishita_eloise, @lisamilkcarton, @drcatherinelee1, and @marct_01 on Saturday to make 20 years since Section 28s repeal I knew the event was gonna be a goodun, but didnt realise quite how special it would be. Truly a profess...
What a truly bisexual haircut, thank u @keziah_ziah + @sisterjoansalon I LOVE IT teen me would be over the moonPlus cheeky last plug of tomorrows panel event AN INALIENABLE RIGHT TO BE GAY: SECTION 28, 20 YEARS ON its at @thecommonpress with an unbelievable lineup - few tickets left, Id love to...
Im really struggling to get in the sea this winter!! I know its something that de-scrambles my head, and makes my body happy, but Im finding it hard getting into a routine of doing the things that make me feel good. Proud of making space for this calming moment, trying not to be hard on myself fo...
I am such an impatient ill person - but at least this grim cold gives me an excuse to share this annual tip with you. Any vibe toy would work for this, tho probs best to avoid the heavy duty wands cos I dont want any of you getting concussion!!Toys are great tools for fun sexy things, but there a...
Happy publication day to my fave friend/housemate/lover @webcomic_name - How to Love is out TODAY!!! Alex has the most weirdly wonderful brain in all the land and they've created something truly magical in this book all the hearts 4 themIf you're in need of a kind, heartwarming, and visually su...
Happy halloween from 3 spooky sloppy weirdos after our night out. I hope the truly chaotic nature of our demonic getting un-ready brings you some joy in these bleak times xxx#halloweenmakeup #getunreadywithme #liquidlatex #chaoticgood
Learning is fun!
Bald horny demons in your area
@molke_uk sent me some of their underwear sets and I am BLOWN AWAY! Seriously havent tried on a bra that makes my body this happy in forever use the code Ruby10 for a cheeky 10% off Everything Im wearing is size L (for the original bra Im a L Stellar), the sizing is intuitive and they cover such ...
Will it fall off?
Blimey that flew by! Cant believe the last ep airs tonight, its been such a surreal experience the show being out in the world, but Im really touched by the feedback Ive received lmk what youve made of the show, any moments you particularly enjoyed?Massive shoutout to for bei...