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Swipe for some fat loss advice Heres what I would personally do to get my ass in shape Drop a comment what you think and if theres anything youd add (or take out) #fatloss #bodybuilding #fitness
I used to believe in the 6 small meals a day to stoke the metabolic furnace myth, it nearly took over my life Id walk around with multiple prepped meals and an alarm on my phone reminding me when to eat.I thought this would boost my metabolism and lead to more fat loss.You dont have to be a slave...
Swipe for one of my all time favourite sessions (Chest & Back) Flat Bench PressLat PulldownIncline DB PressSeated Cable RowStanding CurlsSkull CrushersRep range: 3 x 8 for compounds3 x 10 for isolation workHit save, give it a shot, then let me know how good the pump was#bodybuilding #chestandback...
The @alphalete Black Friday sale is now live No matter where I am or what Im doing, Im rocking Alphalete. In the gym, at home, outdoors, even on stage.Grateful for this community and what weve all built.To show my appreciation, Im picking someone who uses code LIPSETT at checkout to send over $50...
Its that time of the week again when I put Gordon Ramsay to shame Breakfast: its steak & eggs with some veggies to upset the carnivore community. Classic. Post workout: I indulged in some protein oats for the ten thousandth time, still not tired of it.Lunch: we went for some chicken and sweet pot...
You can now access my coaching program for 50% off with the code BF50 @gameplan We just added a new community feature within the app where you can keep everyone updated on your progress and also a live chat feature too Other features include:A bespoke meal plan with interchangeable meals to suit...
3 things that are KILLING your progress 1 When youre up too late, night after night, it messes up your sleep, which is crucial for muscle recovery and growth. Plus, a lack of sleep can mess with your hunger hormones and stress levels, leading to poor eating choices and more stress, which doesnt m...
Come experience the highlight of my week with me, a trip to the grocery store lol Heres a few key items I grab regularly to stay perma jacked year round Get your customised shopping list over at @gameplan #groceryhaul #mercadona #nutrition