Racing Extinction

Neverbeforeseen images exposing the issues of endangered species mass extinction
A film by oceanicpreservationsociety
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African Parks is a conservation NGO that manages National Parks & Protected Areas on behalf of governments across Africa to benefit people & wildlife.
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Great news out of Oregon this morning! Coyotes and other species will not be hunted anymore for sport. Wildlife killing contests have resulted hundreds of animals being killed in a single weekend, with many of their carcasses being dumped afterwards. The competitions are cruel, gruesome, and are ...
On the evening of Friday Sept 15th, Projecting Change @projecting.change and partners launched the first drone show of its kind, with 1000 drones - lighting up the NYC sky above the UN Building with a series of shows designed to inspire, educate, unify, and activate our local and global collectiv...
What's unfolding in Iceland is crazy.One company, Hvalur hf, is allowed to hunt endangered Fin whales.These whales are cut up into pieces, shipped to Japan, and sold in vending machines. What isnt sold is then turned into pet food. You heard that right. Endangered whales are being SOLD AS PET FOO...
You get to go home. They dont. Thank you to the countless people that fight for the freedom of captive animals. This video is dedicated to you and your hard work. @walruswhisper (additional footage please dm for credit so we can provide the source)
@AfricanParksNetwork, a conservation NGO that manages 22 protected areas in partnership with 12 governments throughout #Africa, announced that it will rewild over 2,000 southern white rhinos over the next 10 years.The NGO has stepped in as the new owner of the world's largest private captive rhin...
UPDATE: Iceland decided as of Sept 1st that hunting these beautiful beings for their meat to be sold in vending machines in Japan is worth it for one man, Kristan Loftsson-to profit from.439 whales are at risk of being slaughtered in the coming months.Their decision is clear: money matters over e...
Yesterday, @svandissvavarsdottir the minister of fisheries in Iceland decided to continue the senseless and inhumane practice of whaling in Iceland.In the past shes spoken in favor of banning the practice, and recently took photos alongside whale activists. However since making her decision, shes...
Did you know that all dogs come from wolves? But right now, wolves in the U.S. are in grave danger! Since their premature removal from the Endangered Species List, thousands of wolves have been hunted and killed. Now there are only an estimated 6,000 wolves left in the entire contiguous U.S. Alth...
What do you see when you look at this photo? We see a soul. A heart. A unique and beautiful individual.We see the gravity of his experience, his terror, hopelessness, despair, confusion, and deep sadness. We cant imagine putting ourselves in his shoesbut we feel deeply saddened by the horror of h...
The endangered Southern Resident orcas just lost another irreplaceable individual, the captive orca Tokitae (also known as Lolita), who has been held in the smallest orca tank in North America for over 50 years.While many dolphinariums holding captive orcas claim their purpose is to inspire the p...
Did you know about 44 percent of the global ocean is in a heat wave? The worlds oceans have absorbed 90 percent of the additional heat unleashed by people burning fossil fuels and razing forests, and scientists expect several years of massive coral bleaching around the world. Ms. Thomasson, who w...
Biden has failed to declare a #ClimateEmergency under the National Emergencies Act. Instead he's overseen the expansion of planet-heating fossil fuels.Biden has devastated communities and wildlife by backing disastrous carbon bombs from Alaska to Appalachia.We are outraged.Join us in the streets ...