Precious Achiuwa

Do not wish dark on the light of my vision
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Our big game? We do it 23 times a year. This is no ordinary sport.
NEXT UP: QATAR! 🇶🇦 October 6-8
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Some of us dont have a skincare routine but we still glow.
Fall/Winter cover of @frame_men
Dey play
Success is not a finish line, it is a continuous process of getting better
Quick call, had to leave for a shootQuick flight, Im out the crib gotta execute had to find a routine but this a different ball gameI say all this to say, if all remains the same This might be the one I FRAME Excited to be on the front cover of @frame_men for their fall/winter collection.
We no dey carry last
My whole hood is my congregation
Lights on to hide all my blemishes, My joker smile, you know who the villain is Just so you remember who you dealing with
Excuse my French, but let me take you out to Paris and spoil you
Getting ready with @precious for the @juun_j fashion show in Paris.
Always had a passion for fashion, before I had it used to close my eyes & imagine
Merci Monsieur#pfw