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Your eyes....
Today the light in the world is going to shine a lot less brightly...A piece of my soul ..Zara has moved on ...Farewell my warrior princess... Forever loved ..
Through fall and rise..!!! ..Styled by @prajanyaanand Designer @dira_designs_pd Location @lacedillepondy Photographer @deepak_durai_photography Curated by @arunprajeethm Muah @rihamakeovercouture #porthozhil #womeninbusiness #newlook #lifeoflee
Kochi . 23.. #photodump
It's not a girls trip without a dance reel!Kavala freestyle!Always Dancing our way through life! @vision_in_red @vinsu.sam @avantikaram@pavimahe @chaviibhartia @dsgnr_priyanka#girlsgroove #KavalayaCrew #kavalayadance #GroovingToKavalaya#DanceVibes #KavalayaCrew #DanceFever #GirlsDancing #DanceSqu...
#sunkissed... #photodump Chasing sunrays. #beachhousebliss
Words cannot express how overwhelmed i am to see this incredibly generous article by @fashiondrift.magazine narrating my journey in fashion over the last 12 years.Grateful beyond measure for the stunningly articulate 3-page tribute to my fashion journey in Fashion Drift Magazine. A heartfelt than...
Where luxury meets the runway, and elegance takes the wheel. Witness the fusion of fashion and performance with the all-new Mercedes GLC at @mercedesbenz.titaniummotors Unveiling a new era of style and sophistication.The fashion show was inspired by the car itself, Every stitch, every curve, a re...
Snippets from DAY 1- Styling Workshop#dsigndacademy #stylingworkshop #jeevithasakthivel #prajanyaanand #stylist #celebritystylist
Embarking on a culinary journey at @pansaucepoetry in Chennai, where every bite tells a story of exquisite flavors and artful craftsmans tohip.It's a must try!The French style of cooking brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to cafe dining. From delicate pastries to savory quiches, the ca...
Have you tried the new brunch at @zonkkthebar ???If you're looking for a place to totally just chill with your friends with amazing live music as well as a great brunch menu, you should check out this new bar.With really yummy cocktails, alcohol towers, and fabulous food to keep you entertained w...
Unveiling power, style, and adrenaline in one sleek ride. Honored to witness the birth of the new AMG SL55 by Mercedes-Benz. @mercedesbenz.titaniummotorsFrom the symphony of its engine to the precision of its design, this is driving elevated to an art form. The Mercedes-AMG SL 55 is a high-perfo...