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Alta Lake, Canada
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Luana Torres
Hey there
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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. 🤍 . . But it’s Friday so we can cut it some slack! 😅👌🏽 Happy Friday everyone.
Hmmmmm what I was thinking? You tell me 🧐
Morning walks around the lake (swipe left for the videos) 🤍 . . When the sun is up but still not too hot and it’s so peaceful that the only things you can hear are your footsteps and the birds singing. 🥰 That’s what I love the most about morning walks 👌🏽
What’s your mood like for this upcoming week? 1, 2 or 3? 😜 . . . . . Qual o seu humor pra essa semana que está começando? 1, 2 ou 3?
Fred & Luana, Luana & Fred. 🥰 Met at flight school and have been together since. One of us is organized, likes to cook and steals blankets. The other one is not too organized (but it’s getting better), loves to workout and has 100 different moods on the same day. Is it too obvious who is who? 😅🙈...
Found this picture on my phone from the time I was a professional skier ⛷🥰 . . Just kidding, I’m still learning it 😜
Trying really hard to steal Matthew McConaughey’s job. 😬😅 @lincolnca
Got this dress today. Took this picture 5 minutes ago 💛🧡 . Is anyone else like this too? Get something new and just want to use right away? 😂🙈 . . Huge thanks to @elanusa for sending me it! I really loved it 💛🧡
Wanna hear something really funny (and maybe super weird for some of you)?? My husband, Fred, was the one who helped me to choose my wedding dress! Yep, he went to the store with me and everything! 😅😅😅 . . . . We are not a “traditional” couple, as you can imagine from what I just said. And inste...
1 or 2? Which one is you favorite? . . Our 6 day detox is over and I posted a before x after on the stories. Check it out to see the results. 🥰 . . . Happy Saturday, beautiful people 🤍🤍🤍 Wish you all have an amazing day/night ☺️🙏🏽
❌Big text coming up! ❌ . . Hey there, if you don’t already know me, I’m Luana. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but currently living in Pemberton, Canada. I could start talking myself up here but instead, I’m gonna tell you some of my insecurities. . . . For years and years I wished I was blo...