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I am on a horse in Mexico.
Washing up on the shore of a New Year, Happy 2020 everyone!
Today is the last day of the decade and what a decade it has been. Old Friends, New Friends, Starting my own business, getting tased on CNN, Getting Published in GQ, NatGeo and Eating about 100 times my body weight in tacos. What are some of your favorite things from this past decade?
Spent the weekend working on a the Guatemala video!
Hike more worry less
When you are in the Middle of BFE getting drone footage the only responsible thing to do is wave like Lt. Dan
I love this photo not because its the sharpest most in focus photo or the prettiest photo but because its so imperfect. From almost falling into the water from the boat to just being a bit late and getting part of the bird lost in the shadow of the boat. I thought I had for sure missed the shot I...
I dont always leave fireworks in my car but when I do its for six months and they come out when we are exploring.
File memory under if you dont tie up your hair it will be in your mouth 90 percent of the ride
Sometimes the biggest storms we chase are on the inside.
Today is one of my favorite days of the year, and I may have brought 3 costume changes with me in preparation. But today is also the first day of the fair which is one of my favorite photo back drops! Dm me if you want to collaborate on something cool while its here!
Happy Almost Birthday @nicoarittmeyer I hope @annacmathias gets you a scooter, or at least accepts you into the Fuji gang