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Monsoon moods of Kolkata. This season, I have captured an unparalleled amount of photos and videos of my city while she looked sensational, thrilling and majestic as always. This season, it rained and the skies shined bright with captivating hues while the people carried on with their daily lives...
CALCUTTA, YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING Over 250 people turning up on World Photography Day, and we had the most amazing on-spot photography challenge and review session today at Maidan in the middle of beautiful weather. It was a joint celebration with Calcutta Instagrammers' 8th anniversary and we wer...
Cinema One of my all time favourite shots which is very different from my usual style of work. Thought of posting it as a single shot since it somehow syncs with my mood of the day.#kolkata #cinematic #ig_Calcutta #romantic #calcuttacanvas #dronephotography #calcutta #portraitmood #calcuttadiarie...
CALCUTTA INSTAGRAMMERS TURNS 8 TODAY #CITurns8: 8 years of cherished memories, laughter, and shared passion with my beloved Calcutta Instagrammers family! From countless smiles, adventures, and moments, @ig_Calcutta's essence is defined.Through this photo series, meet the heart and soul of our ...
The feeling of staying home, as it rains.>>>I don't think we talk much about one of those days when monsoon finally hits. The disbelief, the relief and most of all - the little run we do from our rooms to the verandah to retrieve half-fried laundry.The closing of windows with the urge of letting ...
Daybreaks in the ghats of Kolkata & this song. Haven't been active, the last couple of days - will surely make up in the coming week. A lot of new photos and reels are coming your way. :)Thank you for your love & support. : Shot with @fujifilmxindia X-Pro2 // Fujinon 90mm.#ig_calcutta #kolkata #s...
Glimpses of the magical sunset season in Bengal. Serenity is what I feel when I find myself on front of such vibrant yet peaceful moments, painted by Mother Nature herself. :) which frame do you like the most? Let me know! : Shot with @fujifilmxindia X-Pro2 // Fujinon 23mm.#ig_calcutta #kolkata #...
In the simplicity of Bengali households, lies it's beauty. This is the 4th reel from my series - Bengali Households, which features a Chilekotha/', of an individual house in North Calcutta.In the older days, most of the individual houses in Bengal were adorned with a Chilekotha, or an attic (a ro...
Focus on what's good for you. Everything else just doesn't matter. ^Share this someone who needs to hear this.. : Shot with @fujifilmxindia X-Pro2 // Fujinon 90mm.#ig_calcutta #kolkata #sunset #reels #spreadkhushiya #skyporn #dusk #photographers_of_india #sunsetlovers #calcuttacanvas #labyrinth #...
The view that never gets old. :) Almost all of us, who got our first cameras, rushed to this place to get some quick picturesque snaps. We have seen this place transform as a whole. We, as Calcuttans, have so many memories attached to the famous and always welcoming - James Princep Ghat.When did ...
Quintessentially Calcutta - Verandahs adorning laal-paar saree, genji & lungi. Things that just make sense to Bengalis, and we don't expect the world to understand. :)People might ask - what is so wonderful about clothes drying? - For the ones who are watching this reel while being miles away fro...
Breathe :) this is just a chapter, not your whole story. Share this with someone who needs to hear this. : Shot with @fujifilmxindia X-Pro2 // Fujinon 90mm.#ig_calcutta #kolkata #reels #explore #spreadkhushiya #photographers_of_india #nightlife #moodygrams #howrahbridge #aesthetic #bluehour #city...