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I always liked this photograph, I took it in Jongro, Seoul, South Korea one rainy night. Rainy night photography always been my fav and happy to give this picture another life.#photography #neonlights #rainynight
I think, Im too late to the game for reels, I only lost a ton of followers lol and my reach is worse than posting photos. Ive only ever really wanted to reach my own followers, not so much growing the account but that seems impossible now.I hope yall like the photos, do you know where I took this...
Those rainy nights in South Korea. As soon as the raindrops fell, took out the camera and hit the streets.#southkorea #korea #koreatravel #rainphotography #photography
Rainy night photography in the streets of Seoul, South Korea. Hunting neon lights and rain #photographylovers #nightphoto #rainy
Exploring the neon lit rainy nights of Seou, South Korea with my camera. #rainynight #dripdrop #rainphotoshoot
Rainy neon night photography in Seoul, South Korea.#rainy #rainyday #rainphotography
Want to share those rainy nights exploring the neon-lot streets and alleys of Seoul, South Korea. #rain #nightphotography #raindrops
Exploring the rainy nights of Osaka, Japan at 2am.#photography #rainphotography #japanphotos
Lights in the Darkness, Books mailing soon!
Life in the city that never sleeps. #newyorkcity #nightphotography
Somewhere in #Osaka #Japan
If you are in Korea / Japan. I am taking pre-orders, dont need to pay now, just need a head count on how many books to order. Price is 70 USD, book has 235 photos.Seoul book had 255 photos.Let me know if youd like one!If you are outside of Japan/Korea, will have an order link in September (to sav...