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Glass Artist 💎 Skateboarder 🛹 Snowboarder 🏂 . Living in Evergreen Colorado 🏔🌲 My Studio= @Everdreamstudio ✨🔥✨
Snow skate page: @eushreds 🛹🏂
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We manufacture Borocolour rod frit powder tube cane to strike the imagination of glass artists far and wide
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handsculpted borosilicate glass art

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Glass maker, since ‘09
Father, Husband, Artist/Craftsman. Thanks for supporting my work- for inquiries on customs and wholesale.
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Plant serving technology
No DM visit Puffcocomwarranty for help 21 Only
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Theres always money in the banana stand A few years now Ive thought a banana stand would make for a great pipe in everyones kitchen, just dont burn it to the ground. New pieces dropping all this week on my big cartel website, link on my bio page. Use code rainbow for 25% off anything on my site ...
Fuck you pay me A silly little glass therapy piece I made after having a hard time with a few situations in my life. Having a shop still owe me for however many months after selling glass I brought there on consignment to an event really makes me feel taken advantage of. Glass is such a fun med...
Spinning Amanitas happy hammer pipe my solo submission for the @east_coast_curations show this weekend in Charlotte. Many thanks for checking out some east coast love!! #yum #mushrooms #pigeonsplayingpingpong
Got to collaborate with @easeglass last month which was definitely a highlight in my career! Been a fan for 20 years now. The old school squat-lock dry swooped by my man @squirrel_glass thanks buds! Big thanks for being our first guest in the new studio @easeglass! #iloveglass
Happy happy birthday to my sweetheart @mini_vanarchy!! I love spending my life with you and the snack pack. Your photography is amazing as is your big heart and desire to make the world a better place!
My first pieces Ive made for the @puffco proxy. First one of the classic layback Sherlock shapes they come with. A gandolph style 360wig Sherlock and then a hybrid mashup of a BuBler style nautilus piece made for the dry proxy. Which one do ya like best? These will be dropping Tuesday 9/5 at ...
Mug pipe for the cup show at @frontstgallery tonight in Philly. Fire and ash homemade pull paired with some galaxy and atomic stardust layering. Hope to make @parlayphl next year looks like such an awesome event! #mugpipe
@walmotglass and I made this piece a few months ago. He sure makes some real nice glass! Scooped by @headypockets at Toms show at @madegallery, thanks guys! Photo mastery by @jlzill! Big thanks for looking and supporting glass artists!
for those of us in the studio always wanting a pipe and a reamer close by, I recommend reamer pipe
Super excited to share this first collabo with my new shopmate @jdz____! John and I just finished building out our new studio in asheville, I really love @jdz____ artwork and his wife @eddyyy.g and their daughter Z are just the coolest! 11 years of working by myself at home has been super rewa...
Happy happy 7/10 today! Runnin a sale on my big cartel site use code 710 for 20% off everything and as always free shipping and stickers on it all. New shirts and onsies dropping today with some fresh glass! Thanks for lookin and supporting my artwork
Collaboration station with my rainbow friends @karmaglass420 @banjoglass & @mr.facet! I popped in to Banjo and Karmas class few months ago here in Avl and did a wee little demo guest spot and we whipped up this triple donut crushed opal and rainbows tube collabo. This is available through the ...