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Dry like tilapia fish #reels #reelsinstagram #reelsviral #foryou
Post that is behind schedule and past its due date. -During the middle of the season, I found myself feeling lost and struggling to find my purpose. But as I reflect on all the competitions I have participated in this year, I realize that I absolutely love this sport.My love for it goes beyond th...
Feeling S E N S A T I O N A L Are you preparing for an upcoming bikini competition? Dont miss out on the opportunity to showcase your best look on stage! If youre looking to improve your posing skills and truly shine, Im here to help. Send me a direct message to book a personalized posing class....
Sandy toes, salty kisses, and endless bliss. Life is better at the beach. Captivating allure of Bali captured through @johnhermris lens in this raw photo. #bali #baliindonesia #foryou #foryoupage #bikini #vacay #beachvibes
Beach vibes, black BAHAMAS one piece leather, and one fierce babe. Ready to conquer the waves!
Favorite look. touched by @fafamics21 #hmua #reels #reelsinstagram #reelsvideo #reelsviral #foryou #foryourpage #greedymusicvideo
Me 1% and 99% #reels #reelsinstagram #reelsvideo #reelsviral #foryou
I conclude this season with a heart full of gratitude. Although I may not have finished in the top spot, I am determined to come back even stronger. Until the next season!@musclecontestph finished 3rd place Powered by: @supplementhub Heels & Accessories: @glitz.compjewelry Trained by: @romancort...
Reset. Restart. Refocus.But dont you dare give up on your dreams! #bikiniposing #bikiniathlete #reels #reelsviral #reelsfeelit
People see me as a strong, positive, and happy person. However, lately, I have been experiencing a lot of self-doubt, and the negative voices can become quite loud. I also feel extremely tired on my fitness journey. Participating in consecutive competitions for this year can be really tough and s...
It has been 3 weeks since my last show with Global Classic HK. I hesitated about sharing this, but I believe in being honest. Accepting the outcome of the show was extremely difficult for me. I didn't even have the chance to perform my routine. We waited for 10.5 hours before finally taking the s...
Stepping out in style for the #afasiaconference2023 Gala Nights Finally got to witness @jordanglickman1 donning a dapper suit!