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Where my other Darias at?! Im going full on Daria right now because IG made me repost this its still not too late to join @theunderbellyyoga Yoga Your Way Challenge and well be practicing together live this Sunday! Hope to see you there!
What Im calling in on this new moon/ Day 1 of @theunderbellyyoga Your Yoga Challenge-Saying the worst thing because its true even though other people dont like itLoving myself in spite of my self-judgmentUsing self-criticism to fuel my fireSmiling (finding a smile) when things are going bad Enjoy...
Practicing yoga has DRAMATICALLY enhanced my sex life. Were getting all into over on the tube .
guess what! being poly doesnt mean im not jealous and petty
I cant wait to share tomorrows video with yall! Itll be on the spicy site
Yall! Im so excited about the Your Yoga Underbelly Challenge starting November 13! Its our first ever challenge! And the challenge classes are structured in a way to help you tap into your power and build your energy has we head into darker months. If you havent already you can still grab a your ...
Its not too late to start your yoga practice! Here are some simple ways you can start today! I have a full length version of this video now on YouTube!
Let me live social media!!! If youre also into this, sign up for @theunderbellyyoga today for a two week free trial!
Whats your sun moon rising?
If youre feeling the urge to double text come take The Sun class on @theunderbellyyoga with me really quick!!
Yoga is not another place for you to judge yourself. I loved seeing everyone in our Villain Air-A live! If you missed it, no worries! you can practice along with the replay!
Live Class this Sunday 10/29 9am pst/12pm est ill see you ghouls there #yoga #halloweekend #halloween #spooky #spookyseason