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Today is Dec 1st. How we end this year will impact how successful well be in 2024. Lets end this year strong and head into the new year with massive momentum. Need an accountability partner?! Send me your goals and I will check in! Sign up for the challenge in my bio Happy December #december #fit...
Raising a strong Blackman He learning how to do everything #blackman #toddler #toddlerlife #boymom #kids #learning #mamasboy #love #cooking #cleaning
Muscle mommy x soft girl era An era in which a female chooses to only have kind, loving, gentle and supportive people in her life. It is a time to invest in yourself and go live the life you deserve! #gymshark #fitness #happiness #gymsharkwomen #workout
When he has been throwing temper tantrums ALL DAY but now he wants a hug #mom #mamasboy #toddler #mybaby #boymom #boys #instaboy #toddlerlife #kids #fitmom #funnyvideo #funtimes #love
Testing out new gym equipment @dmv_iron_gym workout powered by @c4energy Discount code: MYSTAYFIT20Click the link in my bio !!!New machine : Pendulum squat Looking for help starting your fitness journey Click the link in my bio & follow @trainwithmy #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #nike #nikewomen #wor...
Just Do It. Dont wait to the new year to start your fitness your journey!!! No better time than the present. Click the link in my bio to reserve your spot today! @zrosegotsoul #fitness #fitnesscoach #training #nike
3 Tips To Stay Motivated During The Winter 1Find an accountability partner - Its easier to skip a workout when its cold out if you dont have anyone holding you accountable. Accountability partners are cheat codes!2 Try a new outdoor winter activity - May sound counterintuitive but cold weather do...
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Quick & easy smoothie recipe!!Peaches & Cream smoothie Ingredients:1/2 cup Oats 1/2 cup Peaches | @wegmans 1/2 cup Greek yogurt | @oikos 1/2 cup Bananas 1/2 cup Oat milk | @planetoat 1/2 cup Ice Blend & add cinnamon Enjoy!!!
No time ? No problem !!Quick 20 min HIIT workout Grab a ball a bench and lets work 3 rounds x 60 seconds (each exercise) Single Leg Bench Hop Overs Squat Jumps MedBall Squat Jumps Fitness coach @trainwithmy Boxing coach & Personal trainer @sprottacchus Summer bodies are built NOW!!!Save + share !!!
Resistance bands !!! Perfect way to kick off your fitness journey !!! These soft fabric resistance bands feature my non-slip design that will not roll during your workouts and are super comfortable to use.This set includes:3 Resistance Bands Light (10 lbs)Medium (20 lbs)Heavy (30 lbs)+Carrying Ba...