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Muse Absolution XX Anniversary out now
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One week of Muse Absolution XX Anniversary
MUSE ABSOLUTION XX ANNIVERSARYOut everywhere now. Link in bio and stories.
Muse Absolution XX Anniversary is out now! Thank you all for the love and support you've shown the album over the last 20 years, it blows us away that we're always asked to play songs from this record all these years later. Enjoy the rarities and never-released tracks on the anniversary edition, ...
A sneak preview of the 40-page booklet, part of the Muse Absolution XX Anniversary Deluxe Boxset Pre-order yours at the link in bio.
MUSE: MAKING OF ABSOLUTIONThe original documentary, premiering in full on our @youtubemusic at 10am ET / 3pm GMT tomorrow.Link in stories to join the premiere.
Absolution Track Twelve - EndlesslyMatt described this track as a basic love song. I think there is hope in there, even though I'm dealing with generally dark subjects.Less than two weeks until Muse Absolution XX Anniversary releases. Pre-order your box set at the link in bio and stories.
Happy Halloween
Muse Absolution XX AnniversaryThe complete tracklist. Featuring live versions, demos and keyboard/vocal-only versions of classic tracks.Link in bio to pre-order your copy, out November 17th.
Absolution Track Seven - InterludeOn early copies of the original Absolution CD, Interlude and Hysteria swapped places in the tracklisting... anyone own a copy? Muse Absolution XX Anniversary boxset out November 17th. Pre-order at the link in bio.
Dublin, Manchester and London, listen back to the setlists from our shows on @spotify now Link in stories.
Absolution Track Four - Sing For AbsolutionWhen filming the astronaut scenes, the band had to sit in dentist chairs to restrict their below-the-neck movement, whilst the backgrounds were created with matte paintings to keep production on course. Link in bio to pre-order the new deluxe boxset.
Hysteria, live at @glastofest 2004 Any concert memories from the Absolution era? Let us know in the comments, and tag us in your photos Muse Absolution XX Anniversary out 17th November. Pre-order at the link in bio.