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Be grateful for what you have. Holidays can be tough for a lot of people, so its best if you just dont want a lot for Christmas! Happy Sabbath
I miss yall man Especially my big cousin. Im not doing as well as I thought I was. Im stuck bro. Like for real life stuck without him
Winning Season
Blossoming #rose #realonesstillexist (Stole yall slogan) @jakeandpapa thx for the inspo
I know its the 27th. And your bday was the 26th. But I cant let the sun come up without publicly giving you your flowers. Boooooy we been through hell and back. But no matter what you love my baby and he loves the snot out of you. If you dont do nothing else, you gon show up for our boy. And for ...
@bodtastic_skincare Ladies what would you do if you was naturally build like this Would you having everyone going crazy or would you just be doing the most comment below @bodtastic_skincare Get our All Natural Bodtastic Butt Enhancement to get that same shape the natural way
As I get ready for church.I just wanted to remind you all. Happy Sabbath!
Gobble Gobble Niggas
And dont wyd, me, either!
Im so void of rhythmthis will be me by the time I learn ANY dance