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I live in Seattle but my life happens in the mountains wanatlparkfund board member
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Seattle, WA
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Jagged peaks waterfalls and over 300 glaciers adorn the North Cascades National Park Service Complex
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Theres just no other place like Switzerland even though most of my recent trip was to see other parts of the Alps, I couldnt pass up on the chance to head back to my favorite little valley on Earth and check out a new hut. After a three mile hike filled with ledges, cables, switchbacks, and water...
Views are just that much prettier when you work this hard for them. Definitely a highlight of the summer right here.....#pnw #pnwonderland #glacierpeakwilderness #optoutside #theoutbound #thatpnwlife #cascadiaexplored #northcascades #hiking #canon
Well, last weekend was an interesting one Back in the spring, I used my early access permit lottery to secure a trip thats been a dream for years - exploring several beautiful valleys in @ncascadesnps. Flash forward to Thursday night when we arrived at Colonial Creek Campground - we knew the Sour...
This is a view of Diablo Lake I never thought Id see, but here we are. This was last Thursday night right before we set off on our big summer backpacking trip in @ncascadesnps. We had to bail out early (more on that next post) but Im glad the highway is back open and there was maybe a little repr...
With all this heat were having right now, its hard to believe that just a month ago, we were skiing fresh snow and sleeping in our winter bags! #turnsallyear
A few more snaps from last weekends adventure in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Ive done so many trips in this area the last few years but feel Im only starting to scratch the surface of whats out here. ...#glacierpeakwilderness #boulderlake #washingtonstate #cascades #northcascades #hiking #backpa...
To infinity pool and beyond!Ive dreamt of visiting this spot for years after first seeing @surafelmammo and @hellomynameisbrad snap a few pics of this remarkable infinity tarn that looks straight out to Glacier Peak. This entire zone of the Cascades was new to me and Im so grateful that a little ...
You can drive up now, but right before the Mowich Lake road opened this year, @nickrlake and I cruised up and got Tolmie Lookout (nearly) to ourselves. We decided to be extra cute and wear matching @outdoorresearch_seattle colors - though I was in the Echo and Nick had on an ActiveIce hoodie It ...
A few weeks ago in Iceland, @nickrlake and I were about to head back to our hotel after we had incredible light on a glacial lagoon. These are not pictures of that lagoon. That was the stop before this, about an hour earlier (and closer to our hotel). After that, the sky clouded up, the light wen...
After hardly a day in my beloved Cascades in the last couple of months because of work, my soul finally got what it needed last weekend! A challenging approach, hot sun, cold wind, and sleeping under a full moon - all with inspiring partners in one of the finest landscapes anywhere in the world. ...
If Ive been a little quiet on here the last few weeks, its because I had the incredible opportunity to travel literally around the world on a work trip. Not least among the logistical quandaries was how to pack for a 15 day trip to Tokyo, Singapore, Bangalore, London, and Iceland - from professio...
Time is a funny thing - sometimes it drags on, but most often it seems to fly by. One way humans measure time is our position around the sun, and it so happens that we were at precisely this spot ten laps ago when I arrived in another spot - a little corner of the planet that from space appears l...