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While hundreds of MIT students and alumni have received an honorary MIT pirate certificate, the most famous MIT pirate may be actor and water activist Matt Damon. Here he is pictured receiving his certificate after his 2016 @MIT Commencement speech. During the celebration, former MIT President L....
Food and agriculture systems can be reconfigured to promote health & well-being, & also to drive economic development & social equity. ~@World_Wildlifes Julia Kurnik 06. At the link in the bio, learn how she is creating food systems that feed people and protect nature....#MITAlum #MITAlumni #Foo...
Concrete is the most widely used material on the planet after water. And I joke that water gets a boost because its used in concrete, says C-Crete Technologies founder Rouzbeh Savary PhD 11. The company has demonstrated a new way to make cement, the glue that holds concrete together, with almost ...
Repost from @MITEdgertonYesterday (8.29.23), @MIT President Sally Kornbluth entered her office to find Barbis a life-sized Barbie-themed TARDIS!Created by students at the Edgerton Center, in collaboration with the @mit.ome, Barbis is an immersive art installation that prompts reflections on soci...
Repost from @MITAeroAstroAstronaut and alum @astro.woody (08) has been aboard the @iss since March of this year, having served as pilot of NASAs SpaceX Crew-6 mission aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. During his tour of duty on the ISSin between spacewalks, research, and technical operation...
Repost from @MITLibraries: We love this Vitruvian Tim sticker spotted outside the Libraries in Building 14!Alt text:A metallic silver sticker features an illustration of the Tim the Beaver mascot as Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and the text MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences#...
: Scenes from the Alumni Leadership Conference in 2022. Register today for this year's ALC to be held at MIT on September 2930. The conference will feature connection building, leadership development programs, and only-at-MIT content and conversations with senior leaders. You will leave ALC a mor...
Congratulations to @MITTFXC alum Lauren Kuntz '13, who recently set the World Record in the Icosathlon with a total of 11,653 points at The Ico For All Championships! Her mark over the 20-event championship broke the previous record of 11,091, which was held by Great Britain's Kelly Rodmell. #Rol...
Theres a tremendous rush of putting something back together and turning the key and it actually works, says David Lucsko PhD 05, who has been interested in cars and restoration for as long as he can remember (pictured in 1982 at a car show with his dad). Now a professor of history at Auburn Unive...
Mathematical physicist John Baez PhD 86 pioneering a new way to address complexity. More at the link in the bio. ...@MITMathematics @MITScience @MIT #MITAlum #MITAlumni #MITMath
When someone receives a policy report or academic paper, it can be easy to push it aside, says Sarah Williams MCP 05, director of the MIT Civic Data Design Lab, which works to understand data through creative visualizations and reports. Viewing the exhibition in person can allow people to open th...
Its a boat and a plane, explains Navier cofounder Sampriti Bhattacharyya PhD 17 of her companys clean-energy boats. The electric vessel operates like a regular boat until it gets up to speed. Thats when the computer-controlled hydrofoils beneath the vessel kick in and lift it out of the water (si...