Were Mind the mental health charity Were fighting for mental health for support for respect for you
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Hello! I’m trans and I create stuff.
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Were here round the clock every single day of the year Whatever youre going through call us free any time from any phone on 116 123
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Helpline webchat open 5pm midnight daily
We cant offer support on IG
Get help
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I dive Ambassador Athlete for adidas
madewithlovebytomdaley PATREON below
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I draw and write
2 x Sunday Times Bestseller book writer witch
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My new single Strangers is out now. Link below. 🤙🏼
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Discover what movement will do for your mind.
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The world of sport has told us that the only thing that matters is a faster time, a longer distance, a higher score, more reps and to attain a certain look.But a personal best isnt a number, its a feeling.So many people are put off getting active because of the pressure of exercise culture.We've ...
This #AntiBullyingWeek here are our tips on how to tackle online bullying. If cyberbullying is affecting your mental health, youre not alone. Tap the link in our bio for more info on staying safe online, and where you can go for support
The mental health bill wasnt mentioned in the Kings speech today. This means its highly unlikely well see any reforms to the Mental Health Act before the next election. Reforms that would have given people more rights, choice and control in their treatment while in mental health hospital. This is...
** We're experiencing a really high level of interest in supported self-help at the moment. If you sign up, please bear with us and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.**Times are tough. Waiting lists are long.But we have some good news.Were offering a free 6-week mental health support course.A...
Your costume might just be fancy dress to you, but think about whether it might perpetuate negative stereotypes of people with mental health problems.Have a happy, stigma-free Halloween that's respectful to people with mental health problems
Theres a Strong Black Woman stereotype that needs to be addressed.Black women are strong, but they are also many other wonderful things. This stereotype, along with heavy societal expectations, can be exhausting for Black women. It can deny them the space to express their emotions.It can make Bla...
We sat down with @jamesmcvey. We chatted through the story behind the song 'Dancing on the Head of a Needle' and his experience of anxiety.The song is emotional and relatable in its depiction of what anxiety can feel like for some of us.Watch the full interview on YouTube. Link in bio.If you're s...
My entire career has been about avoiding silence. You cant be silent when you DJ. So that bit at the beginning of a therapy session, when the therapist doesnt speak, is a huge hurdle for me. @anniemacmanus on therapy, life after Radio 1 and the loneliness of a writers life. To read the full inter...
We know exercise culture can be intimidating.It can put a lot of us off getting active because we think we need to be faster, do more reps or look a certain way.We teamed up with @Asics for our #NewPersonalBest campaign.We asked campaign ambassador Rachel to share her advice for her younger self ...
The uniqueness of our service is that you can speak to someone who looks like you. Who might have had the same experiences as you. And that connection from not having to explain so much.@irieminde9 is working to champion Black mental health and offer community-based mental health support in the H...
Over 34,000 of you signed our petition calling on the UK government to reform the Mental Health Act.This week we handed it in to Number 10.Thousands of people are in mental health hospitals right now without enough choice or say in their treatment.The reforms we're calling for will give people mo...
Youre not alone if youre feeling scared or overwhelmed by the climate crisis. Together with @mindcharity we spoke to people on the Southbank about how they felt. Taking action and talking to others may help you feel more in control. You could join a local conservation group or spend more time wi...