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writtenanddirectedbybella thornedynasty
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Get my baby in #explore #freestyle
She said she like s
Last reel before the real video drops Hope yall are excited just as I am for this release #ML
Dump Been thinking w my Dick & Not my head for to long Gotta get my groove on Put g-pa in a new home No these aint no steppin stones Ive been changing like these time zones
Walking around like Im him Because just last year people was doubting, Went away w the blue hair couldnt let myself keep drowning, lord knows Im not were I want to be but closer from the steps Ive grounded, this one for the ones who talked when I wasnt aroundem, for the women that took the knife ...
More life
Woke up a yr older today Blessed to see another one #happybirthdaytome
Back in that mode
Counting all blues bxtch Im big poppa Smurf Link in bio
I get pussy when I want , it dont phase me Yall let @officialtmfloyd know to drop this in the comment section