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Water detail and texture at Niagara Falls.I experimented with many different shutter speeds here, but ultimately preferred 1/10th of a second as my sweet spot.
Cooler nights lately have me looking forward to Autumn, arguably the most photogenic time of year in my opinion.Here's a colourful scene from Castle Mountain, Banff National Park.
A tranquil multi-tiered waterfall within the forests of Northwestern British Columbia.
A beautiful display of Mammatus clouds over the edge of a blooming canola field while chasing storms across the eastern Alberta prairie yesterday with good friends @shane_turgeon & @russ_vanderleer.
A beautiful grizzly sow which I've nicknamed Scarface that I had the good fortune to spend some quiet time observing recently as she went about being a bear, while her cubs played in the background.*As always, all bear photos are taken from a distance with a telephoto lens from a vehicle.
A Great Grey Owl I found down a random back road recently. This one was a bit tricky to spot at first on the edge of the forest. With variable cloud cover and the subject mostly in shadow, I patiently waited for a sunbeam to break through the cloud cover to light up the owl.Always a nice treat to...
A Pelican fishing at the local reservoir in early evening light.They really are majestic birds, and from this angle, their beaks resemble the blade of a broadsword.
Learning to FlyA Barred Owl fledgling spreads its wings in preparation for one its inaugural flights.
A backlit grizzly bear cub as the first light breaks over the horizon yesterday morning. The rest of the family was just out of frame.I spent the last few days car camping in the Alberta foothills, my first overnight adventure since last October.It was great for the mind and soul to spend some ti...
One of the more adorable subjects I've photographed during some birding sessions this spring, a fledgling Barred Owl.This little one was just learning to fly and took a tumble from a nearby branch. Not to worry though, he used his impressive talons to quickly climb back up to safety.
The 2023 severe weather season is just around the corner here on the Alberta prairie, and for anyone looking to learn how to safely chase and photograph storms, I'll be doing a workshop presentation tomorrow (Thurs May 18th) evening at @mcbaincamera in downtown Edmonton.There are still some ticke...
Hi everyone,Some of you have reached out to ask if Im doing ok, as I havent been very active on my social media channels over the last several months. (thank you for your concerns!)Ive been struggling to put this into words for quite some time, but Ive been battling some physical and mental healt...