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This year I stopped making videos. I stopped, in general. Ive left my life in LA to travel around the world on a self discovery journey. And it feels so liberating. Why am I doing this?Last year I was burnt out. Ive been a content creator for the last 10 years of my life. And I reached the end of...
2 weeks in Egypt. I did the classic sightseeing but the highlight was experiencing Ramadan in a Muslim country. I made friends with my tour guide Barry in Luxor and he invited me to meet his family. We ate Iftar together (first meal at sunset after fasting the whole day) and prayed at the mosque....
10 families. 10 cultures. Across the US. Agreed to adopt me. For a series with one mission. To learn what it means to be American. Complete. We did it. So, did I learn what it means to be American?? Watch the last minute of my last youtube episode with the Native American family to find out. Than...
Master and student
I had the the rare privilege to wear @deevo222s outfit and dance in the Shoshone-Bannock powwow. Leading up to this moment, I spent 5 days immersed in Native American culture learning how to carve dance sticks, scrape deer hides, and cook antelope stew under Devans wing. Dancing in the powwow was...
This is what Native Americans want you to know
The 10th and final family. I was adopted into a Native American family to learn about their culture for the first time. What does being American mean to the first Americans?Truthfully, I knew nothing about native culture before filming this. I didnt know any indigenous people. How many are still ...
I moved in with a military family to learn what it means to be American Nick and Hana are both marines and have moved 5+ times around the US with their two children. What is a marine? How do military people feel about America? Why would someone risk their life for their country? These are questio...
The truth behind Texan pride
I was adopted by a Texan family and had the most Texan experience. Working with cowboys and their cattle, singing at a picking circle (music jam), and mingling with rattlesnakes yep.A big theme of the day was Texan pride. Why are people so proud to be Texan? What does being American mean to them...
I will practice my tea pouring skills @mustaphaaitelcaid #morocco
I felt like a baby after this @hammamrosabonheur