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vegan who became a hunter
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I only eat from animals I hunted myself
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Samen zorgen we voor de natuur in Nederland Als we goed zorgen voor de natuur zorgt de natuur goed voor ons
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Embracing a New Season in my new homeland, Norway As the birdhunt season begins, I find myself immersed in the stunning Norwegian landscapes, from lush forests to tranquil lakes. Its not just about ethically sourced meat from these birds, but also the incredible gifts of nature - bountiful cantha...
Still feels surrealistic to call these fields home.. But what a bliss to explore them.
We went fishing today and dont have to worry about food this week.
Its time to say goodbye! But all the memories will travel along with us. Rozendaal has felt as such a warm, gentle and beautiful place to live. But now its time for nee adventures!
I visited Uganda to write about the challenges in conservation. This month (January) the article is published in National Geographic. .......#nature_perfection #naturephotography #nationalgeographic #theimaged #naturelovers #wildlifephotography #wildlife #sunsetphotography #bigfive #travelphotogr...
The moment it starts getting cold in the Netherlands is also the moment where the ice-skating-fever starts. I remember the long tours we did as a family when I was a kid, skating on the endless frozen canals, crawl over the road when the ice wasnt stable under the bridges and the hot chocolate wh...
Winter is on my head but eternal sunshine is in my heart ..#trndelag #fishing #fishinglife #codfishing #theimaged #hunting_the_wild #victorhugo #travelgram #wildnature
We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.. #norway #cod #codfishing #trndelag #nrysund #fjords
Last year my life took, quite unexpected, a different turn: I started studying again, work on the other days and my love lives on the other side of the world. I have been occupied by getting adjusted to these changes and slowly but surely it seems to settle down. Even more now I appreciate being ...
Wolves: you can hate them or love them but the fact is that these animals find their ways back to the lands where they were driven away from. Holland has not seen wolves for more than 150 years, but two years ago the first wolf settled down again in our country and got her second best of cups thi...