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Wonderful to support my former mentee @emmadinizryan at her Goan supper club @dropwineapp. And there was no Xacuti in sight!Emma created an interesting and unusual five-course menu, that included a sublime fish cutlet with tuna, a comforting sprout curry with coconut milk and a pistachio meringue...
Sunday funday lunch photodump. Eating with hands skills need work. Heres what I made, let me know if you fancy any of the recipes:1. Tomato masala aubergines 2. Baked mustard and yoghurt basa3. Crispy roasted broccoli 4. Salad with lime and coriander dressing 5. Happy toddler princess. No recipe ...
A mums group revelation! This non alcoholic drink has set our WhatsApp on fire and seems to mimic a popular summer drink rather well with the addition of cucumber and strawberries .2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar to 2 litres of lemonade. Diet lemonade works better. Add fresh mint and sliced limes and ...
When you say goodbye to your ray of sunshine with a burst of sunshine and a tight hug. I met @poojavir_ through Twitter when she had a question about a recipe in my 1st cookbook. She then helped me with a brand supper club and we became firm friends over Bollywood tunes and food chat. Ive since t...
Extreme recipe testing. MasterChef eat your heart out. Mine was in my mouth for the long pause between the bite and the show of handsA huge welcome to all my new followers. There will be recipes and methods in between jokes and observations on here. This one is coming soon.For my less new followe...
Comforting, simple and spiced as standard! Three new recipes from my home kitchen are now in the latest issue of @waitrose Weekend. I cook a lot of recipes that are not strictly Indian at home as you know, but I havent had the confidence to share them professionally as a food writer. Alongside sp...
Raising a glass to celebrate the very best in food writing at the @thegfw awards. Huge congratulations to @baldflavours for bagging the award in the online food writing category. It was a massive honour to be shortlisted as a finalist alongside him and @1dish4theroad. As you can see the two of us...
Big week incoming. And kindness counts. When I received two generous bottles of gin from @thecrazysingh and @thecrazysingh of @teamcrazyco I automatically assumed there was an expectation attached. But there wasnt, it was a gift to cheer me on and the appreciation and love meant a lot. As did the...
What joy @thebigfeastival, especially partying, eating and watching cookery demos with my young companions! I was invited along to sample the delights and it was brilliant - high recommend for your diary for next year! Highlights include: 1. Hitting the festival hard with 3 young uns 2. Hailstorm...
When you cant go to India, so India comes to you. Sindhi Kadhi, a gram flour curry, Aloo tuk, crispy twice fried potatoes and lotus root crisps for dinner courtesy of @masterchef_deepachauhan while she was on holiday in London! Deepa is proudly on a mission to spread the word about the cuisine of...
If you work with the food of other cultures come along to my session, which I rarely host for individuals any more! Ill be covering insights on cultural relevance, sensitivity and appropriation with lots of practical tips to get it right. If youve attended one of these, please do share what you t...
When lentils sprout and chutney calls! I soaked the UK grown lentils for too long and they sprung into life. Meanwhile, the green chutney I made with coriander and mint was slowly losing life. So the Chaat lover in me craved a quick summer lunch combining the two.The trick to making great Chaat i...