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95 Himalayan expeditions Big mountain climber skier Currently Nepal Himalaya
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The limestone towers of Nar Phu are an excellent spot to look for interesting exploratory rock climbing. Whats unique about Nar Phu is that the Nepal government wasnt aware of the inhabitants existence until the 1950s. An exclusive Tibetan dialect is spoken in the region (the settlers having orig...
Patagonia is a geographical region that encompasses the southern end of South America, governed by Argentina and Chile. Its prime season there now for steeper skiing.
You have to experience some things first hand in order to truly understand them. Over the past few years Ive heard about and seen the crowds on Nepal 8000m peaks in the media. I experienced it firsthand over the past few weeks on 8156m Manaslu.I kept trying to convince myself that the mountains g...
Shivling is a peak that dominates the skyline in the Gangotri region of the Garhwal Himalaya. This frame from our Autumn 2019 Shivling expedition. #India
Todays go was a solo ascent from 16,000 feet (4892m) to 21,588 feet (6600m), and then returning to 16,000 feet. Climbing high and sleeping low. I started the day in my running shoes and transitioned to ski boots about halfway through as crampons were needed for the ascent. Views in the second fr...
Read an update on my @thehimalaya500 ski project here: If youre unable to open it the link is also in my bio. #himalaya #ski
Malubiting (directly behind me) has seen only one ascent, a 7458m (24,387ft) peak in the Haramosh range of the Karakoram. This information from another climber a few weeks ago. Quiz time, is this information accurate? Which face is the best for a ski descent? Look further, there are so many excel...
A raven arcs on the wind this morning at dawn with 7089m Gyaji Kang on the horizon, this is the Mansiri Himal. It is great to look in one direction and have flashes of memories from previous climbing seasons, people met and wild nature experienced. Then to look the other direction and see unknown...
Dawn in the Karakoram a few weeks ago. Yes thats @wolfdorjesmithwick (Wolfie) jumping sage in the last frame, my dog. Every time you go into the Karakoram you come back with a longer list of goals and ideas, its a range that continually inspires for climbing and skiing. Nameless wild peaks withou...
@samarmanino created this image in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. He reached out to me because of his zeal for skiing and art and life. We chatted about the wildness of the times, about skiing and where things were going. Sam carried a spark. He passed away a couple of weeks ago unexpectedly...
Today in the Budhi Gandaki. Let silence be the art you practice. @trangoclimbing | @tenayaclimbing
After an eleven day break now starting my 95th Himalayan expedition. Transitioning from the Pakistan Karakoram to the Nepal Himalaya, this time its to an area Ive yet to quest in. Very excited for this, love learning and exploring the flora and fauna in new areas. Not to mention interacting with ...