Lucky Fin Project

A 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness and celebrate children individuals and families affected by limb differences
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Meet 3 year old, Joah Caron Dube, from St-Jean-port-joli QC Canada.To build a better world you dont need two hands, you need a big heart. #luckyfinproject #limbdifferenceawareness #luckyfinsrock #tenfingersareoverrated #celebrate #educate #support #unite #lfpfamily #wonderfullymade #luckyfin #un...
So my name is Sadie-Mary and Im sixteen. I was born with something called completx symbrachydacyly and that basically meant my hand wasnt formed properly, In 2021 and 2022 I had two surgeries on it where I had 2 finger formations amputated. #luckyfinproject #limbdifferenceawareness #luckyfinsrock...
THIS!!! This is the face and smile of a girl that is super proud of herself! Today, for the first time ever, Makenzie was able to button up her flannel by herself. She always had needed help and has gotten frustrated when she couldnt do it, but today she did it on her own. Something so simple ...
Weve been working on coloring and shape sorting the last few weeks and today was the first time that we picked up a crayon with our lucky fin Lucky fin mamas- did your kiddo color with both hands? Or just one? The last few months weve seen G use his left hand in ways we never imagined and this is...
Check out @linnyandlous Uniquely You crew Meet my Uniquely You crew! These buddies were all inspired by someone Ive crossed paths with. My type 1 diabetic best friend, my co-workers daughter, my mom, my friends son and a little girl with cancer who brought her mermaid to the ER for every visit. ...
Elle Louise radiates positivity & kindness. Shes strong AF, and isnt going to let mean comments about her lucky fin snuff out her light. Ten fingers are overrated! #luckyfinproject #lfpfamily #tenfingersareoverrated #limbdifferenceawareness #uniquelyunstoppable #wonderfullymade
Her affinity for dark humor and light-hearted approach to life brings a smile to her face as she laughs that her first Disney role was in the Pirates League prior to the loss of her right arm. Though Waldmans Disney dreams were halted following her hospital stay, she set out on a journey where sh...
Dont be afraid to try new things. Several months ago my daughter Ryan taught herself to crochet. With having only 6 fingers she had to come up with some hacks. Theres always a way- yours might not look like someone elses and thats ok. You do you. And by the way, youre pretty awesome. Keep that up...
Say Hello to a new book recommendationI can be your friend, you know. Take a moment--say hello!Written by pediatric occupational therapist Kelly Gregory, Say Hello invites children of all abilities to overcome the barriers our differences create and lay the foundation for friendship with one simp...
On this day 30 years ago, New York Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott, who was born without a right hand, threw a no-hitter.Truly an inspiration Repost from @espn#jimabbott #luckyfinproject #nohitter #legend
Repost from @gemmaadbyAll my limb different girlies can relate to that defeated arm pain after spending a good 30 mins with your hair I was expecting this video to be successful, it doesnt look too hard. What am I doing wrong!? This is a good lesson to try try and try again, Ill be back and I wi...
My lucky fin became 18 in the last week .It was a special birthday as I join to the faculty of Engineering and I want to say if we want to be we will be Our lucky fins will never be the difficult it only will be the source of Determination and strength. - Khadiga #luckyfinproject #limbdifference...