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A Good News Update And alsoyou guys are amazing. Thank you.
I found @pamirisoficial in my IG feed recently. Her video was buried in a carousel with other amazing singers, and she immediately stood out to me. Ive been trying to find out more information about this exceptional young woman to see how we can help her. Any of my Brazilian colleagues and friend...
Happy 6th wedding anniversary @omarchavezjr Its been the best 6 years laughing with and loving my best friend. Te amo! #anniversary #love
Italian Soprano, Magda Olivero, sang up until shortly before her passing in 2014 at 104 years young. She was a true testament to the power of discipline and PASSION, reminding us to do what lights you on fire and do it with care and love . Full video and discussion on the voice as we age on YT/Li...
Woke up today with a huge hole in my heart . Saying goodbye yesterday to our Shakespeare McGillikitty, the bunny good kitty, who brought us so much pure joy every day has broken our souls. Youll live in our hearts forever, my bunny. Your dad, brother, and I miss you so so much. Thank you for your...
One of the coolest learning experiences Ive had was joining the behind-the-scenes vocal coaching team on La Voz S2- I was so humbled and inspired by everyone I got to work with, and we talked a lot about frequencies, cutting through on the mic and through that mix during blinds prep. Analyzing st...
I owed my #Nightwish army friends this latest video for a bit now, and WOW, is it always a pleasure analyzing these! Not only do I love the entire band, but @floor_jansen_official is just a QUEEN. I live! .#LastRideoftheDay #Live #MastersofRock #SymphonicMetal #metalsinger #FloorJansen #MarkoHei...
This post makes me feel VERY exposed , and as a content creator, the internet has this way of reminding you of every flaw, constantly . 42 has been the year where I have seen the most changes in my skin-any sleepless night, any hormone imbalance immediately shows up. Changes in texture, elasticit...
Im kind of sad AGT came to an end last night because watching all of these singers do their thing each week has been so beautiful. BUT, Im still catching up with performances over on my YT channel, so we can keep the party going over there! Congrats to @arianinismaputri for all she accomplished...
I finally checked out @vanny_vabiola and enjoyed every minute of it! Started with this Celine cover and wanted to share how she angles the tongue to bring that sound forward and create that bright, Celine inspired shape that pairs so well with this song. Her mix, agility, and tone are , but the t...
From TheLimitlessCloset.com rental box drop this week! This cutout dress from @lushclothing was my fave . Link is in my bio to see the latest additions. Getting unlimited rentals has been a game changer for me, considering how often I need new items to shoot videos in. Which reminds menew videos ...
Lets talk @angelinajordana s new music!: Yes this is the same lovely being who was once the little girl who wowed us with her brilliant, vocally mature rendition of Fly Me to the Moon & more. Listening to her latest work has inspired so much conversation, but in this clip, I discuss one of the th...