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Club culture is a lifestyle. Sometimes we marry it! Tag a friend in a photo I never intended to teach when I got to London. Yet, Im so grateful I was open enough to receive all the beautiful energy every student has shared with me this 1 year in the UK. Excited to teach my last limited workshop...
#DHWdancechallenge My Nigerian dawta @waackitnaija sitting in her viiiiiibe! Is she hittin it? S/o to a diligent Naija trailblazer who is whole heartedly married to the culture! Im so proud of your ability to build and love your Waacking + Vogue family. Challenge deets link in bio Repost: Am si...
She said she wanted to go shopping. Dancing through + sharing some of my favorite vintage stores in Amsterdam with my Dawta @mekholabose I really enjoyed spending time with my kid @kumaribyhos #travel #amsterdam #vintageclothing #streetstyle #sarikumari #dancereel #kumarisuraj
Normalize AFAB bodies with facial hair. Ive naturally grown facial hair since I was a teenager. Ive always removed it to make other people comfortable because it was assumed that I should be beautiful and feminine always. So I got myself a lace front goatee to normalize yall seeing me with facia...
Someone get Tyrones kids! They out here cuttin up. We dont get these opportunities to connect and share space. This really was special. Thank you @j_bouey for suggesting we do this on the spot. Thank you J and @tyronebevans for capturing these magic moments and more. Resurgence Era Waackers aka T...
You know those times when you feelin yaself aka pattern blocking #discohousewife ft @beatslayaofficial link in bio #oneofthem #kumarisuraj
COME PARTY WITH US!@discohousewifela is outside at 5:30pm today @ukblackpride in @queenelizabetholympicpark Throwing a 40min party on the main stage. Sharing the vintage LGBTQ+ Disco dance culture of Waacking with a line up of Waackers from around the world. Plus a few special guest features lik...
Riding through this Aquarius Full Moon! Can you do this on your bike? #dhwdancechallenge #discohousewife Ft @beatslayaofficial Literally one of my favorite things to do when I ride my bike on the road. Been doing this for yeeeears and its always a fun workout. Video description: Kumari is a non-b...
The stage was the club and the GAY was GAY-ing! Featuring my favorite UK industry heavy hitters and a cute costume change!Full video on @youtube link in bioFeatured HITTERS Solo - @rhimesthecreative (1st gen Waacker Uk aka my daughter) Group - @niles82 @yvescueni @armandoooj @randallwatson_ Creat...
Sprinkles magick fairy dust on emThank you @dancersdelightuk for the platform to create magical disco moments in time and space with gorgeous Waackers from all over the world. Full @youtube video link in bioShow mix @djjoshpeace My fit custom @dhaleterdesign Creative direction & choreo @kumarisur...
Cant wait to perform again If youre Married to the culture my new song is for you! Full video on @youtube link in bio Stream + buy #discohousewife @kumarisuraj ft @beatslayaofficial on all platforms including @applemusic & @spotify #marriedtotheculture Featured Dance artists:UK HITTERS @niles82...
Term of the day is: #gendernonconforming Sharing little nuggets of info to help the people who follow me (and may not know) understand aspects of #queer culture that I personally identify with and experience. The goal is to peak your interest enough to do your own homework and have your own conve...