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This beautiful young lady right here, with a heart just as lovely as her face, turned 15 today. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be her momIm so proud of you Campbell Gail, for how you love God and love others. You carry yourself with such grace and always stay true to who you are in Christ Jes...
Gods timing is always perfectHearing fellow inductee @dwightyoakam deviate from his acceptance speech, to so beautifully honor and recognize you for the creative genius you are was breathtaking...I kept turning around to look at your reaction while he described the influence youve had on him and ...
Coming soon #handmadejewelry
My soon to be high schooler, at her 8th grade blessing ceremony with proud big sis @parkerspencer__ How did this happen so fast??!!!!You cant fully comprehend how proud we are of you, my sweet little monkey face
Just as proud of this legend, standing before us today, as I was in this picture when it all was unfolding...early record in hand!!! Thank you for all the wisdom, guidance and unconditional love...Happy Birthday dad!!!!!!!! @larrygatlin #bestdad
The glue that holds it all together, and in our family it takes a lot of it!! Happy birthday mom...youre irreplaceable and priceless to us all #matriarch
Perhaps the most magnificent structure ever made by man and over 800 years ago at that, burned to the ground today. I watched in horror and great sadness but also with gratitude that my parents @larrygatlin @janis_gatlin took my firstborn, just this past summer for her graduation gift, knowing ...
Last day @marburgerfarm and my amazing set of vintage life-sized posters of 3 of the 5 original Ziegfeld Girls by far sparked more conversation than anything Ive ever had for sale, EVER!!! From the casual admirer to the serious collector, Ive thoroughly enjoyed the conversations Ive had with so m...
Day 4 @marburgerfarm underway showcasing an amazing antique, Amish- built harvest table with foldable legs!! Plenty of great pieces to choose from so come on out the fog has lifted!!#farmtable
Its almost the end of Day 2 @marburgerfarm and what a fabulous experience already!! So much love and support from you guys already and theres still 3 more days!! Great pieces still available like authentic farm tables, huge armoire all original paint and much more!!! #roundtop
Pulling on your way?to @marburgerfarm ?!!!#antiquesforsale