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The secret life of animals is out there we are just too busy to see it
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Follow the stories of Swedish Lapland, Sweden's Arctic Destination. (All of Norrbotten, Skellefteå and Sorsele) #swedishlapland #lifeinswedishlapland
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~ Svalbard's pristine frozen world, the Austfonna ice cap.
~ A healthy looking male polar bear diving around the coast of East Svalbard while looking for a bite of the whale carcass that was on the ocean floor. We had an incredible experience to be able to observe this bear sleeping, hunting, swimming and playing around the carcass.
~ Musk ox mother carefully observing my movements in the Greenlandic wilderness. Heres a collection of photos from my travels in East Greenland a few weeks back. Enjoy your weekend! @northsailing #greenland #sailing
~ Sailing among the giant icebergs in East Greenland @northsailing #northsailing #greenland #iceberg #drone #sailing #ocean #travel #adventure
~ While sailing in Fonfjord Scoresbysund Greenland towards the more ice packed areas of the fjord our @schoonerhildur captain Hrdur suddenly shouted POLAR BEAR! I quickly got up to the deck a saw a massive iceberg floating in the distance with something tiny on its corner. While slowly sailing pa...
~ Brown bear family roaming around the Eastern Finlands wilderness
~ White-tailed eagle landing next to its partner on a remote rock in the Finnish archipelago. Can you guess which focal length I captured this with? Happy World Photography Day everyone! Keep creating your beautiful art! #worldphotographyday
~ Lux Noctis Ibex standing on a cliff edge in the mighty Swiss mountains @nikoneurope
~ Chasing light in Swedish Laplands wilderness Heres a collection from past weeks exploration. Its been some great weather most of the time and some stunning mountain views along the way.
~ Peekaboo Brown bear observing my remote controlled camera Eastern Finland#nikon
~ Details of Iceland
~ Young blue arctic foxes exploring their natural environment in Hornstandir nature reserve Iceland #iceland #arcticfox #nikonambassador #nikon