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Sleep Better, Win Big! Ready to transform your sleep? We're giving away some dreamy prizes to help you catch those ZZZs! Enter our Ultimate Sleep Giveaway for a chance to win:1 A bundle of our Online Sleep Courses (0-4 years!) 2 Personalised Phone Call : Chat one-on-one with our team of expert...
Oh those nap battles We can help!!! Get in touch today, or DM me nap help.
If you rush it, they will feel it.I know its hard. You are exhausted and have a million things to do, and want time to yourself.Try to add in some good opportunity for your child to connect with you, BEFORE your bedtime routine too (away from screens!)It can make all the difference with bedtime. ...
Things to think about Excessive milk intake over night can affect sleep. If they are using it to settle and re-settle at night wakings. Ideally your toddler will have a cup of milk as part of their bedtime routine. (NHS advises 12 months + for ditching the bottle). Really, they shouldnt have a bo...
So this is a thing, its normal to get a burst of energy before bedtime. Its part of our biology!This is why I advise getting in some good physical activity after dinner if you can. Outside, or inside they sometimes need to silly and physical before they can wind down and go to bed. Of course, the...
They can be so different cant they Is it a second child thing?
Man, its hard. Theres nothing wrong with rocking by the way, until its not working anymore. Same with however you settle your baby. Thats where we can help! DM me HELP today and Ill message you back
Being constipated can also affect sleep!Speak to your GP, and @eric_charity are a great place to look for advice. We have our online potty training course - but we advise resolving the constipation if you are planning to potty train. We also have 1:1 calls with Dr Cleo for more complex potty case...
This can be a great, really gradual way to move away from feeding to sleep (breast or bottle). Its also good for those babies who like to sleep fully attached to your boob and you dont want that. It can help them get used to the sensation of not having the breast or the bottle in their mouth as t...
Ok so dont freak out. Especially if you are using these things!!But theres good reasons behind my thought. Any you want to ask me about here?
Language is important for small children (and adults!). I really think being clear and direct is a skill!We want them to be involved and positive about their potty training journey.Be clearBe directNever force them against their will.Staying calm and in control then models this for your child. Fo...
My FINAL tip is to buy our online potty training course!!Its on SALE at the moment with 50% off!!! Go go go.The warm (ish!) weather is the perfect time to start.The book in this video is a @thatsmestories by our very own Dr Cleo which she gave me as a gift.The potty we are using is the @babybjor...