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Chased a sunset for the first time in 3 years, was 10/10
When the best mall @melbournecentral lets you fly for fun! @starflyfpv @aaron.visuals @djistoreau What a fun time! Im getting into FPVs after this experience!
Its never too late to learn something new ......#adobe #premierepro #sydney #australia #photography
Currently renovating the office and spent the afternoon editing some photos as wall art. Gave reels a go and will be sharing that soon.#kyoto #japan #sony #autumn
Action remains when we run out of excuses....Edited this photo while I was choosing Wall Art for my office. I have been absent the past 3 years being fully committed to work and finally decided to set aside some time to return to social media. Moving forward, Ill be sharing some photos however wi...
Night & Lights
One of the best things in Japan is definately the markets. Tried almost every stall while I was there and had so much tuna belly ..What's your favourite Japanese food?
Time for a holiday here Halfway through the lockdown, 3 more weeks to go with face masks on can't wait for this to be over. Stay safe everyone!
Finally managed to recover all my lost files from 2019 and started editing some of them in my spare time. Crazy how time flies, it's been close to a year since my last trip. Who knew that would also that would be the last trip before 2020 happened. Stay safe!
What a crazy year 2020 has been so far! Hope everyone has been doing well and staying safe. After coming out from a 6 week lockdown, we are doing it again for another 6 weeks..Edited an oldie while recovering my files today. One of my hardrives got corrupted and I lost all of my photos from 2019 ...
Kingdom Started watching the @netflixanz tv series today and instantly got hooked onto it.Who's watching it and what do you think of it? Imagine if if we were facing that instead of the current corona outbreak