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The young King said he wanted to do his own version of the #Mukbang food videos. The food dont match and he still made it look good
Young King before he knew his Grandpa was a Crip lol. Baby Blood Cuz coming soon!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my ppls! We have a lot to be thankful for. God is the greatest!!
Before Hawaii, my travel buddy @felicemccowan and I went to Punta Mita Mexico and had a FIRE stay at The W Hotel. @wpuntademita appreciate the hospitality. We only got ONE item to beef about which Ill call yall about next week lmao.
S/O @sheratonwaikiki for the love and that BEAUTIFUL Ohana Suite. We had a blast. U til next time. #MyReelTrash. . @felicemccowan and @brittwhite.88 making the real one lol
Sometimes, even dirty water can clean you off. #FakeDeep #WaikikiVibes @sheratonwaikiki was a whole vibe. Mahalo!
Happiest Mothers Day to ALL the mothers in the world!!! Tonya Denise - Passion, LOVE and Work Habit! These are a few words that I think of when I reflect back on growing up til now. Youve been consistent in these three areas and all of your kids reflect these traits in one way or another. We are ...
The Bean!!!
Daddy got me twisted today, and I caught the vibe lol #KingMac
Happy 60th Birthday to the Queen! Youre BLESSED, BEAUTIFUL, and boring lolol. Lets fill the next 40 with travel, good food, and build memories thatll last far longer than we will. Love you for eternity! EVERYONE SEEING THIS POST YELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOTHER! Tonya Denise
8 years in, and Ive enjoyed it all. Marriage, like anything else, is what you make of it. I choose to make mine full of love, happiness and understanding. Were not perfect, we make mistakes but the blessing in this marathon is we forgive and love each other for being human. Love you Felice West M...