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This has been the best week of my life so far. Violet made her entry into the world at 1156 PM on Saturday 5/13. In a move that made her type A mom proud, she even showed up on her due date. Timmy & I are absolutely smitten. P.S. I know there are differing opinions on delivering where you work, b...
Happy match week! Congratulations to those who got great news today and good luck to everyone going through the SOAP!This time two years ago, I was absolutely over the moon that I was actually going to be an ENT. I was so concerned with whether Id match that Monday felt like the real victory. No...
Hit the 30 weekmark on babys first (and only) 24 hour call shift covering while the clinical residents take their in service exam. Thank goodness for research years - this is the only time Ill have to take call until I come back to clinical life. And now, we shall take a nap.
A little cross stitch gallery wall for baby girl, completed with assistance from my little helper Chami. Im officially in my third trimester as of yesterday () and thankfully feeling good so far! Being on my research years has been a godsend - full nights of sleep and time to exercise. (Plus I g...
What Im most looking forward to this year - a little girl expected to join us in May! Things are going well so far, except for a lack of cooperation with ultrasounds. (Pictured here: touching her foot to her forehead instead of letting us get a view of her profile during my last scan. )
If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd be sitting in my very own backyard, working on research (and being paid for it), training in my dream specialty ... I'd have thought they were messing with me. A few people have asked recently what point I'm at in my training and what this specific ...
Happy Sunday! A little studying, a little stitching, what more could I need? ?? • I’ve made it my goal to read (& take notes on) a chapter a week while I’m on my lab years to keep my clinical knowledge up. Let’s see how long this lasts. ?
Missing home a tiny bit when I was doodling this last week. ???‍♀️ My home desk still isn’t super set up since I haven’t been around to use it. Time to change that now that I’m on my lab years!
Lazy-ish Sunday. Lab onboarding and sketching out my next little embroidery project. I just can’t decide whether a floral inner ear should be full of soft pastels or pops of color. What do you think? ??
Summer lovin’ ☀️ We survived my intern year! Now on to PGY2 ✌? Up next, two years as a postdoctoral research fellow ?before going back to finish my surgical training. But first, I will recover from our head & neck service, sleep, and celebrate my birthday tomorrow! ?
The key to survival on a chaotic call shift - facetiming with my favorites while catching up on documentation. ? Timmy told me he finds the tapping of keys comforting since I’m always on the computer at home. ?
10 years of adventures with my favorite person ❤️ He won’t take the credit, but this lovable grump is a big part of the reason I had the courage to stay in college, get this MD, and work towards the life and career I want. Best teammate ever. ?