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I weld repair broken Heavy Equipment Just good hard work nothing wrong with that Been welding since 1991 I havent looked back Gotta love it
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#frontendfriday.Looking forward to seeing you guys @fabtechexpo . See you there
Gotta tell ya, this new fancy eutectic dualshield wire from @htpamerica_usaweld is working out great. Now it's up to me to get the hang of it. I will say though that holding onto a full size mig gun over your shoulders for this type of work is much tougher than holding a stick electrode holder! B...
Customer sent me these pics and videos of the saddle frameworks I built for them. This allowed them to transport these high mast street lights fully assembled to another part of the interstate. They are removing some and adding them to other locations. Current construction will be deleting the or...
Enjoying my time with @icweldjr .showing him the ropes. #payitforward .#weldingrepairservicesinc #WeldMafia #icweld.
Nothing special really. Just a lame opportunity take a picture of my #weldingrig. We built this small Lean-to type shade cover for a good customer several towns over. About an 80mi trip one way. I appreciate ya. (You know who you are)Now it's on to the next project. #selfemployed
An old dog Can learn new tricks. Just got this 250A Profax mig gun with a 12 extended neck for my LN-25 for running dualshield in the field. Gonna see what all the hype is about . Stay tuned!!!..#onsiteservice #fieldrepairs #WeldMafia #servicetruckmafia
Got another video on the Tubes if yer interested. Have a great weekend. Stay safe, it's hot out there!#TexasSummers #WeldMafia
#IYKYK. Fortunately this was the easier part of the day. The other repairs were more challenging. one of @malcolmdrilling's old rigs. #fieldrepairs #onsiteservice #weldingrig #drillrigproblems #WeldMafia
My Old girl in her natural environment. Had a good couple of days working with @icweldjr replacing two steer spindles on this crane. Turns out this old dog is learning new tricks. Peter from @htpamerica_usaweld sent over a roll of eutectic dualshield wire and boy am I late to the game! Worked out...
Call the waambulance! Yesterday was an interesting day. It went from a long day to an even longer day. These spindle replacements usually take a full day to change out, but to add to the mix, my welding machine began acting really strange. Wouldn't idle correctly. The compressor wouldn't stay eng...
Super big thanks to Christian at @drophousedesign for getting us out of a jam. We needed some parts plasma cut and he bailed me out. My table is on the fritz. . Oh well. His generosity helped us keep moving forward on some awning features for a KH in Mexia TX coming up soon. Thank you very much A...