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Kiss the Ground is an audience-supported nonprofit promoting regeneration as a viable solution for our wellness, water, and climate crisis.
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@snowlodgeaspen all I can say is, WOW! What an amazing night of cocktails, dancing and so much fun. Big thank you to @jaymacardoso for setting this up and we cant wait to be back!! If youre in aspen, check out @thesnowlodgeaspen and make sure to order a @brothersbondbourbon hot toddy tell them Ia...
@commongroundfilm premiere in the famous Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Wow. What. An. Epic. Night. Im not even sure where to begin- I could write a book with the amount of love and gratitude I have for all of you who showed up to make this film happen. To make this night happen. For all of you who will...
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yeahhhhhhh 2024!Swipe to the end to see me being a Stefussy Stan
Rainy cozy Holiday mornings are always thoughtful Cleaning out the mess of the old year to make room for the new one
My IG SUBSCRIPTION is up, running and in full effect. First little photo dump done Gonna start dumping from the archives. My life in pictures! CLICK SUBSCRIBE ON MY PROFILE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!