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The official Instagram account of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the home of the @atlantafalcons and @atlutd.
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Its almost that time! Dopest class in #Atlanta every Tuesday 7:15pm @finaotraining Streaming available on @heatxtreme App Link In Bio
Perform the LOWER BACK EXTENSION exercise to specifically target the GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS effectively. Remember to arch your back and engage your core/glutes as you lift up. Also, be careful not to lift up too high.Good form > Weight. Proper technique leads to better results and less injury! Need ...
Limitless Drive! Im gonna do the work regardless the circumstances! My passion runs deeper than most, built a little different! Link in bio to join the @heatchallenge $9k Up for grabs starts TODAY!!!
3 Staples of Leg Extension Proper Form: Maintain correct form throughout the exercise. Sit upright in the leg extension machine. Range of Motion: Perform the exercise through a full range of motion. Extend your legs until they are almost fully straight without locking your knees, and then lower t...
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Exercises you should NEVER make eye contact while doing.AGREE OR DISAGREE
She removed the excuses and STOPPED with the procrastination.We start Sept 18th with or without you! 3 winners win $3k a piece for simply doing what they said they was gonna do! Everything is written out for you no guessing just applying the blueprint and recouping RESULTS! Hear what @nillie_711 ...
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GLUTE WORKHere is an amazing exercise for that will really fire up those glutes and give your legs a serious workout! Its not just about building strength, its also great for improving mobility in your hips. You see, your glutes dont just work in one direction - they also do some fancy moves li...
In life, there are bound to be plenty of obstacles that may bring you down.However, if you possess the unwavering determination to rise again, nothing can impede your progress.Your reaction to your experiences is what truly defines you. When you venture beyond your comfort zone, you are inevitabl...