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🇬🇧 Label owner of @automatikrekords - Watergate - Zamna - Renaissance - SvT
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90s baby. Dipped my braids into lfw for @burberry & @theperfectmagazine last night. Martinis on a Monday always a good idea. #jeanpaulgaultier X #knwls
Kicking off London Fashion Week with @stellamccartney X @netaporter. Thank you to @chrisprescott92 & @laurenireland_x for dressing me in the star trousers of dreams. Been waiting for this moment @lilybw #stellamccartney #netaporter #londonfashionweek
Vision is the first track on my first Various Artists compilation on @automatikrekords. Its one of 15 tracks Im really proud to be releasing on my label. I didnt compromise and include any filler tracks on this VA, each track has been handpicked by me, in some cases Ive had to beg for the honour ...
Djing the Wild Corner for @afterlife_ofc was more fun than my wildest dreams and so convenient for loo breaks didnt even need to put on a long song. Please can I dj here every Thursday?? Heading back to Ibiza tomorrow for @thesoundgarden at Cova Santa. Im giving away 2 tickets. All you have to do...
Happy birthday to my Oli. Known you for 20 years and each year gets better and better. My birthday present to you is a 6am start with our babies while Im in Turkey DJing Youre my hero, my rock, the most talented musician with a voice of an angel, the best dad and husband of dreams. We love you.
Always such a special feeling playing in your hometown Thank you @zamna.eu @studio338 for the perfect end of summer bank holiday. The next gig I play in London will be a special one so keep your eyes peeled Next stop @hiibizaofficial for @afterlife_ofc tonight @kite_ankara Sat. #london #studio3...
And summer festival season ended happily ever after with the return of my laptop. Thank you to Secret Garden Party, Noisily, Lost Village, Bucht der Trumer & Naturklang for making this summer one to remember. Cant wait to return to the Island for @thesoundgarden @covasantaibiza Sept 13 and have a...
NaturklangLeft my laptop on the plane and drove through torrential rain to get there but then the heavens opened just in time for my set. It was magical djing on the Lagoon to the most beautiful view of the Swiss lakes. PS have located my baby and its on its way home to me. Thank you for all the ...
Absorbing the mythical healing powers of Es Vedr before this weekends DJ marathon: Friday 25: Klein, Phnix Park Sat 26: Naturklang, The Lagoon Sunday 27: Lost Village Festival Sunday 27: Zamna, Studio 338 And cant wait to be back on the island Sept 13 for @thesoundgarden with @djnickwarren. Sw...
Tried a completely new version of the remix Ive been working on for Birdy. Have a good feeling about this one. #wip #remix #birdy #take1000 #henribergmann
Hows your summer so far? Next stop @buchtdertraeumerfestival Friday & @cocoricoriccione on the beach Saturday with @dustinphil#downtownlosangeles #lastdaysofsummer #cocorico #henribergmann #buchtdertraume #afterlife #theelement #reformation
Taking you on a mini tour of Los Angeles & New York last weekend. This is more of an experiment to see if your attention spans can handle it as I never post reels, its pretty long. Too long? Thoughts? It was such an amazing experience playing at Future Factory LA & Brooklyn Mirage NY and @fngrscr...