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Overwatch Grand Finals in pictures ..: @joebradyphoto.Ive been real MIA as of late. I think it was a healthy temporary separation and Im ready for the next challenge. Whatever that may be
Through thick and thin we always have each others backs. Tag-team partners for life. Thanks for an incredible 15 years of marriage! I love you Cynthia!
I hope you have been properly inspired. Please comment below with what you learned. If you dont comment then you have learned nothing.
So uhhhh I finally got verified on IG lolTo celebrate heres a photo dump of my one day at #SDCC! #verified #comicbooks #comiccon #sandiego #valorant #sandland #armoredcore #skybound #enjoylife
And you see thats why pineapple doesnt belong on pizzaI welcome all dissenters.
A peaceful bike ride from my time in Chiba. #bikeride #japantravel #peaceful #lofi #lofivibes
Episode 4 of the @statefarm #Gamerhood Challenge left me with so many memorable moments! Check out Episode 5 to see what we get into next this Thursday on State Farms Twitch channel at 7pm ET #ad
Thank you Japan.Loving people. Delicious food. Awesome company.A memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.I got to work an esports event in Tokyo!!!! Its still surreal to me.: by the incomparable @colinyoungwolff : THE esports stylist @ziskadora @minakaterina
A life update from me
Episode 3 of the @statefarm #Gamerhood Challenge was a blast! Check out Episode 4 to see what we get into next this Thursday on State Farms Twitch channel at 7pm ET #ad
One thing I learned from the @StateFarm #Gamerhood Challenge is that Jake is here to win!Check out Episode 3 to see what shenanigans we get into tomorrow on State Farms Twitch channel at 7pm ET! #ad
Episode 1 of the @statefarm #Gamerhood Challenge is in the books!Make sure to tune in to see what happens next this Thursday on the State Farm Twitch channel at 7pm ET #ad