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[AD] No better way to refuel post workout or grab a breakfast on the go with these new Live Culture Smoothies from @activiauk . Anyone who knows Abby or I knows we are are constantly short on time , & so being able to grab 1 of our 5 a day with this deeeeeelicious blend of yoghurt, fruit and bill...
@rise_festival day uno- full day of skiing in the sunshine in now were hitting up apres #blameitonthealtitude #letsgetfriski #risefestival #gift
2 week countdown to @rise_festival baby!! Absolutely cannot wait to party on top of the world 10 of my best friends - dancing to the fab lineup in our ski boots and drinking/eating allllllll the mountain foods. Its not too late to grab your ticket if you fancy a spontaneous winter break to the...
Im that person thats already doing a throwback not three days after their return from holiday, no regrets though. The first few days of this week have been spent playing catch up: both with my email inbox and sleep. But Im looking at doing a bit of content planning today, both for here and on my ...
Wednesdays are always one of my favourite days of the week work-wise. Its one of my Check In days with my clients and brings me so much pleasure. Ive been coaching women now for about 3 and a half years and being totally honest I think I enjoy it more every year. Maybe its because as Ive learnt a...
Hi hi everyone, its been awhile. Im still here (& so is LP!) bopping along with work/life/training. Still loving coaching all my amazing Fit To Thrive women and have some pretty big plans for expanding the programme in 2020. Also really enjoying the consultancy projects that Im working on too; Im...
out London & see you in 2 weeksIm headed to Brazil with HB to explore & recharge. Without sounding toooooo dramatic - I feel like Ive never needed this break more. My head feels full and my body feels exhausted , so really looking forward to slowing down the pace for the next 2 weeks . Were head...
Hey frens heres a little TB to my bday a couple of weeks ago as my reality is PJs & greasy messy bun slumped on the sofa RN.Been a little quiet from me on here recently ~ to be totally honest Ive been feeling a little less than ok recently ~ ive been slammed at work, ive got a few personal thing...
My favourite weekend past-time #puppylove #weekendvibes #staffylove
Just popping on here to share one from the weekend, celebrating my no.1 LP going into her 25th year Apologies for the relative quietness on here - just been doing life and dealing with a few curveballs. But this post this eve is a little shout out to LP @lucyplenderleith and our fabulous friends...
One of my favourite shots from my shoot a few weeks back. Not long until I receive all the video content from @zakmakesfilms, we filmed a last little sit down chat today which will be worked into all the content we got a few weeks ago. Reflecting on my why and my whole ethos around my coaching pr...
Dress down FriYAYs - possibly the most stressful day of the week - I would be for having a work uniform to remove the decision making required around what to wear everyday. Have a fab day everyone and enjoy the weekend BIG love, LP x#gains4girls #ootd #dressdownfridays #womeninthewharf #womenwh...