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We create immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration
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See you in The Forest, June 22- 25, 2023.⚡️ 🌲 #ElectricForest
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New release! Shpongle Static Live at Ozora
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Taking over a water park today with my @memorypalacerecs besties Get there earlyyyy Im on at 1pm & summers almost over!!!!Tix in bio : @billyweinger
Happy birthday my beautiful little J!!!! Cheers to the sweetest in the whole universe You deserve every shine of sun & sparkle of sky this magical realm offers. Im so grateful to have you in my life @jordann.skye
woah woah stop scrolling we have more raves in north america this month!!!! 9/2 @synesthesiafest in western South Dakota (1st time playing in SD!!) 9/17 Sound Wave water park fest in southern Illinois with the @memorypalacerecs crew 9/23 Ursa Major @griz fest with all the homies in Flagstaff, AZ ...
This months raveeees in North America Whomst is goin bananas with me & where should we go bananas next??8/13 this Sunday Fayetteville, AR @georgesmajesticlounge 8/18 next weekend Las Vegas, NV @area15official @meow__wolf TIX IN BIO so much new music to rinse at these I stg : @maxdashevsky @j.h...
NOTHING LIKE SPOOKY SEASON IN DENVER!!!! Im dressing as the last slide green guyStoked for the shpongledroid, all the dope art, & the whole lineup honored to be part of this @shponglemusic @android_jones @euphonicpresents @livenation TIX IN BIO
Baltimore tonight!! Then LA tomorrow for my set at @lovelongbeachfestival Saturday. Its cool to be a DJ bc they literally let you play whatever the fuck you want! how fun. any way heres a new 140 riddimular jazz bass blaster ID Im experimenting with called Ghost Miata >ALSO tune in TODAY at 8pm...
Some summer-time shows in North America, and Freddy izzzz ready Flyer swipe>7/20 Baltimore, MD @thundergroundthursdays 7/22 Long Beach, CA @lovelongbeachfestival 7/28 Wilmington, NC Kaliedescope Festival8/13 Fayetteville, AR @georgesmajesticlounge 9/17 Grafton, IL Sound Wave Music Festival9/22-24...
SONG ID: Freddy Todd - Look Too Deep (unreleased)LOCATION: @electric_forest 2023UPCOMING JULY SHOWS:7/20 Baltimore, MD7/22 Los Angeles area, CA (TBA)7/28 Wilmington, NC(ticket links in bio)infinite gratitude to be able to express myself thru these frequencies as my job, peace & love to all recap...
The many beYOOtiful faces of the forest. Gotta say I love my friends. Couldnt not do the Friendly Todd dump. Happy @electric_forest Most pics by @billyweinger
Take me baaaaaack @electric_forest u were my 1st big festival I ever went to back when I was 19 years old at Rothbury 09, now were packing out one of the most magical woodland stages at the fest #grateful Enjoy these forestrial shots by @maxdashevsky (1-5) @j.humphrey_ (6-8) @billyweinger (9) & ...
FOREST!!!! With admittedly home court advantage, we PACKED THAT MOTHA OUT!! Honored to rock with such a fun, vibrant, & thicc crowd SWIPE to see footage from my set, a lot of key moments captured by @billyweinger , hella IDs / unreleased musicSLIDE:1 - a view from the @j.humphrey_ 2 - Freddy To...
Ohhhh myyyy @electric_forest week is upon us!! ELATED to report Ive got 8:45pm duties on Sunday at The Observatory stage where Ill b bringing the heat I stg The festivities continue into the lot after parties where Ill be going even deepah at 4am Sunday night / Monday morning on the @furtherfreq...