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Kosisochi Charlie is SEVEN today +!!! i remember lifting her lil' leg on Thanksgiving morning 2016 and crying tears of pure joy over our surprise baby girl. then, we blinkedKosi, you're not lucky, you are BLESSED! earlier this week i took her on a @freely Girl shopping spree, @angelamitchellhair ...
count your blessings today, not carbs. God is SO GOOD. family is so precious. praying you and your family have an incredible Thanksgiving holiday!!! sending you so much love from Egwuatus
Lets be honest! The crunchy topping is the best part of ANY dish, and these @snackbacktonature Classic Round Crackers took my Squash Casserole to the next level.Im all about making better-for-you recipes, and @snackbacktonature specializes in making better-for-you remakes of classic snacks. Their...
invited my co-worker to breakfast and he brought his kids #theaudacity checking out the grand opening of @maplestreetbiscuitcompany in our hood! we hardly ever go out for breakfast, so this was an extra special treat and day date with our at-home crew. Kate flew down from Tennessee to help open t...
#ad This high-fiber chia pudding is one of my favorites, and the @Neocell Super Collagen Peptides Powder is unflavored and mixes in so easily. Theres 10g of collagen per serving, and I love that it contains no lactose, gluten, soy, wheat, starch, or artificial flavors. It supports healthy collage...
been holdin' out on ya'll with my recipe content for good reason, and it's finally almost time. any guesses?!linked my food storage containers in my Stories and the big ones are oven-safe!the kiddies are out for Thanksgiving break this week, so here we goooohappy sundee
POV: You know exactly where to go for the best Black Friday Deals this year! @kohls just dropped their Black Friday deals list, and it is ! Im determined not to be, Last Minute Leah this year. If youre like me, then this is the perfect time to take advantage and get the jump on your holiday shopp...
If your outfit doesnt match your bakeware, then what are we doing here?! That gorgeous perracotta color was calling my name, so I answered Im ecstatic about partnering with @caraway_home again AND about baking up my Thanksgiving dishes in style this year! #adThis bakeware is nonstick, 100% ceram...
MEET LEAHLeah Egwuatu, also known as Fit Foodie Le on Instagram, is a former computer engineer turned highly successful social media Influencer. She enjoys sharing fitness tips, custom recipes in her own Fit Foodie Le app, #Momlife moments, and faith-filled content with her audience. Some of her ...
my shweetie pot pie is 7 months. Kamsi cut her first tooth, is crawling everywhere, and the coils are coiling, OK! were still nursing 3-5 times in a 24-hour period, and ive gone back to baby-led weaning, yall. shes not really feeling purees, but almost jumps out of her high chair for a large slic...
our love was founded on the campus of the @universityofhouston circa 2000 always good to come home (and be outside, solo for a lil' bit) #GoCoogs #FaceHugFrenzy #UHhomecoming do you attend your homecoming?!thank you for your help, @champion72309
ya'll, pray for Sonny. nothing's wrong, but i just had him take 500+ pics of us with my Nikon camera before i realized my memory card was definitely at home in my laptop #TrueStory #WishItWasntthank you for going the extra mile for us in this faux Fall weather, hubson a lighter note, Chiso made t...