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The perfect squash muffin for Fall. Im not kidding, this is such a crowd pleaser! You will need:1 tbsp ground flaxseed2.5 tbsp water1.5 cups squash of choice (pured pumpkin, or butternut or honey boat -> featured in this video is a Honey Boat, grown locally by @naturalcollectivefarm )1 cup brown ...
A moment for the peonies please.
A sweet, inspired custom set for Mothers Day.
Read it again. What does that mean to you?In this heartening season of growth, Spring reminds us all of our potential to dust off the most recent chapter of life, and lean into that which expands us. Focus on the depth and quality of that growth however, renew or strengthen that which holds value...
Its been a minute. Grateful to @terranovatrees for gifting me the flowers and time without kids pawing at me, to be in my creative element for a brief, beautiful moment.
nature always provides the best craft supplies.
They are the ones who teach us, not the other way around. Masters of Presence. Relentlessly guiding us to slow, mindful, connection, if we let them show us the way Home.
Grow always. Grow all ways.
You sweet soul.It is with Remembrance in my heart that I share the meaning of your middle namesake today.Eric Fache, was our beloved Grandad. A family man of quiet strength, warmth, and a deep love for the outdoors, especially at the cabin he built, where he fondly puttered with many a project th...
Autumn observations ..
We had no idea the mountain that lay ahead when our son came to join us. Putting one foot in front of the other, hour by hour, was all we could do for months while I chased down answers. So beyond grateful to be on the other side. Many thanks to all, for the loving support on my most recent welln...