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Top athletes. Epic obstacles. Stream @nbc’s #AmericanNinjaWarrior anytime on @peacock!
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Xero Shoes let you enjoy the fun and benefits of natural barefoot movement So comfortable and lightweight you might forget youre even wearing them
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How good and pleasant it is when Gods people live together in unity! AMEN -psalms 13:1
We Use Wifi For Everything - I may Have Gone Too Far Fiber+ Network,Free Streaming Device,1st MONTH FREE???The Good Neighbors Deal at @gciak is too good to pass up guys.Sign up for internet Today [Alaska] and get all the benefits of being a good neighbor [actions/actors in this video may or may...
Amazing Race butIts the kids at @kealafoundation that make the week so great!Loving on them, surfing together, workouts, and quality hangs over food fill our Hearts!
4th Annual Eskimo Ninja Camp [recap] It Just Keeps Growing!! We had a record number of athletes sign up for our camp this year!Im so excited for the growth of this sport, as a sport.Kids arent just stoked to play and have a good time meeting their Favorite Ninja Coaches, but are stoked to learn...
When You Turn Away From the Crowd and Towards God The Crowd Wont Cheer But guess Who will be running toward you to with His arms wide open and a smile on His face... - Pastor RudyIn life we look for praise. We follow the crowd to the popular thing hoping to be part of something bigger or more m...
We Did It! Another Successful Year In The Books Every year at the @officialalaskastatefair we somehow managed to pull it off!The EskimoNinja camp has become a staple of the fair, and it wouldnt be possible without the generous contributions from local companies and corporations coming together...
Ran Down Beat Up & Tired This is What WEIO does to ya Checkout @forest_strick04 and Is free podcast on Spotify Exactly Where We Wanna BeIn this Part 1 We discuss the cultural significance of the Native Games, the history and Rules of each game, and the difficulties that come with the competi...
GOOD LUCK! Dont Miss Our Race Tonight!! 8/7C @forest_strick04 and I will be racing on tonights episode of #NinjaWarrior!!Tune into NBC to find out if one of us wins!And checkout our latest Podcast episode on Spotify to learn more about the Games we do to get ready for Ninja #TheFonz #FreezeFram...
Weve Been Resting Best feeling in the world #FatherAndSonTime #HomeSweetHome #Focused #Goals
My Favorite Shots from WEIO this Year Most people love the action shots of a kicked ball or an intense ear pullBut I love the candid moments.You get to see the love of the games and the sportsmanship on display which in my opinion is where the games thrive. Picture 1: @mrs_carson_2.0My final ...
Legs or Core?! Grab Some Friends and Try It!! One of my favorite events!Believe it or not, this is more of a leg workout than core Bench Reach: A test of strength and body control. The athlete kneels on a padded bench while three fellow athletes, or friends, hold down the athletes calves.The a...
Natural Bath Natural Product: Dreads Were Starting to Stink Dollylocks is the only product I use on my Locs. And combined with a 42 ice baththe combo of recovery and clean is unbeatable.#SmellGoodFeelGood____________________#Dollylocks #DreadLocs #EskimoNinja #Unalakleet #Alaska #Alaskan #IceB...