la vida está en otra parte
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Musiquillos vascos que dan ignominiosos conciertos desde 2005
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PEACE OFF .Already home after such a big challenge to build such an amazing project. A bunch of beautiful people have been working hardly to make this show happen for more than 6 months. The process had been heavy and complex at certain points; enthusiastic and empowering at other points; magic a...
PEACE OFF .New solo show opening today 14th sept. at @amuseum_munich presented by @positivepropaganda with the care from @brilloysabor_studio .If you want to join us today at 18.30, please send an email to of original artworks at
Horse market.About humans need to control nature Advice Horses had been, are and will be free..Last mural we did in Munich with the kind support of @positivepropaganda .with the invaluable assistance from master painter @alejandrovalbuenamartinez .TomorrowPeace Off solo show opening at @amuseum_...
PEACE OFF .New show at @amuseum_munich presented by @positivepropaganda with many bad artworks on it. A compilation of recent drawings, instalations and lazy ideas with some little shapes of irony. Rats and cockroaches are welcome! .From 15th September 2023 to 30th June 2024.Opening on Thursday 1...
**CLUB COPY**.This drawing was made for the cover of the last album from magnifique @manu_louis_music .Release date is the 30th of September on @igloorec but it can be pre-order on Bandcamp (and it's Bandcamp friday today!).Graphic design by master @antonioballesteros_formo .#clubcopy #igloo #bru...
Terciary Forest drawings.Polution ink on Fedrigoni paper.Bosques pintados con tinta de polucin.Durante el ltimo ao he estado investigando, con la ayuda de @brilloysabor_studio en la elaboracin de una tinta hecha con restos de polucin para reproducir imgenes de bosques que han sido o estn siendo ...
BOTA!.#23j #elecciones2023 #botad
Some drawings on view at @amuseum_munich for the 10th anniversary of @positivepropaganda with Blu Ericailcane Faile Invader NoName Mark Jenkins Shepard Fairey SkullphoneOn going till 30TH JULY 2023
cruce de caninos
ESCIF (ES): POLLUTION FOREST Spanish artist Escif returns to Nuart with one of his tertiary landscapes, using the recently adopted medium of ink made from harvested pollution. With the topic of this years festival being Rewilding, Escifs muted landscape adds another dimension to an otherwise ordi...
Ms Valncia. Menys Por.t..Esta tarde manifestacin contra la ampliacin del puerto de Valenciaa las 18.30 saliendo de la Alameda..Amenizarn la velada @los_chikos_del_maiz , @xavisarria y @maluksgrup.@comissiociutatport