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Your future is created by what you do today, not by what you hope for tomorrow.
We cannot protect against things were not aware of. So I am grateful to be a small piece in bringing even more awareness to these topics.As my role of protecting children, I feel the responsibility of continuing to bring the issue of children and youth from online abuse and exploitation to light....
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
If you can relate to this, youre not alone. I have found myself in the past speaking very negatively to myself and thinking Im never gonna change.Instead of dwelling on past regrets or negative experiences, use them as stepping stones towards the person you want to become.Once I did that mindset ...
If you cant change your mind, you cant change anything.
Do you think her advice was good? ....#reels #business #story #lesson #challenge #howto #money
A girls trip I will remember forever.It has always been Scarletts dream to attend a live fashion show and vogue world was beyond anything we couldve ever imagined! Thank you Natalie for making this happen for my baby girls birthday. ...#vogueworld
London, whats the tea?
Happy 12th Birthday, @scarlettcardone! Youve officially entered the coolest stage of your life The pre-teen years! Your big and sweet personality has always brightened our lives, and we cant wait to see all the fun and unique moments youll bring to us in this new chapter. 12 on the 12th, happy go...
22 years ago our country felt indescribable pain and suffering. Today we remember the lives lost and the heroes who emerged on this day. Let us honor their memory with love, unity, and a commitment to a more peaceful world. #neverforget #september11
Your radiance is their daily vitamin D.