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Standing on business in #2024 ! 2023 the blue print is made, 2024 is about showing the blue print. Faith w/ out works is dead. Traveling, networking, community building, growth, learning & intentional rest. #goals. Comment below some of your goals so you can come back & check your progress!
If youre a #teacher #counselor #youthmentor of any kind i want to encourage you to make sure you come back to #school healthy. Your students need the best version of YOU for them. 1 thing Ive learned working with students of all types of backgrounds for 9yrs is that they dont listen to what i say...
When youre more worried, focused, interested in what other people are doing or not doing you miss out on everything #God has for you. Dont end this year wondering where the year went! & definitely dont go into 2024 wondering what everyone else is doing Write YOUR vision & make it plain. 2023 has ...
An honor to #share not just my story, but what #God has done in my life! Thank you @canvasrebel for seeing something in me that was worth telling the about. I enjoy making people #laugh, making people think, feel #good etc., 1 thing for sure & 2 things for certain i will always do is point back ...
To live in at the mercy of what people think or feel about you is a prison. Yes we should have a level of desire for what people may think, asking for insight, perspective, understanding etc from a #healthy lens is key. However if you cant move, or speak kuz of what people might say or do is wild...
Your students will have you out here looking dumb if you dont set boundaries
1 thing i have learned is that i will reap from what i havent or have done. Often times our lack/struggles comes from the work we refused to do, & or the wrong decisions we ended up doing. I didnt make this post to point fingers, but a chance to reflect on is the life you are currently living a ...
Ive waited long enough, & watched others create #CommandYourDay content will have clips of my book made into #reels for you to enjoy, but if you havent downloaded my e-book for ONLY $5 you should click the #linkinbio & grab your #ebook now!
Can i be honest ? 1 of the many things about #God i love is that He operates outside of time but that is one of the many things that frustrates me too. See knowing that God could do it in 60 sec or 60 years is wild to me. What i do know is that my obedience plays apart. Ive learned in past season...
Talk 2 Me Nice
What God is praying for things you wont work to maintain? For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.James 2:26
It must be this weather that has me craving @mcdonalds right now what do yall want ?